What businesses can you start for under $10,000?

Starting up your own business has many advantages to it. You are not bossed around by anyone, you can work on your own terms, all profits are yours, you can take all the decisions, and what not. However, before you start your own business, you need to do proper planning for it, so that you can prosper.

Besides this, the other significant thing to consider is the ‘idea.’ After all, it is the idea that can make your venture stand out from others and thus make it work. There is a wide array of options for you, ranging from childcare, event management, business consulting, to resume writing. You will be spoilt for choices, when choosing your own business idea.

Nonetheless, whichever field you choose, the locus should be your own skills, passion, as well as your budget.

Our list of the 14 businesses that you can set up within $10,000 will abet you in your endeavor.

In fact, some of the businesses jotted down can even be kicked off with as small as $2,000 investments.

Irrespective of you choosing to do a part-time or a full-time business, these ideas also enlist your passion. You can set up the business online, in a small store, or even in your patronage’s homes or workplaces.

  1. Resume Writing Services

You can offer resume writing services to a number of people, who have trouble finding the perfect words for elucidating their special skills, interests, and experiences. An ideal resume can help people getting their dream job. By using your skills, you can help them achieve this.

Even though people have the tools to write their own resume, they don’t, since they lack the proficiency to illuminate their own skills. Thus, they hire a resume writer to do it for them. You can set up this business online or a commercial space.

  1. Translator/Interpreter

If you know two languages proficiently, then this business is for you. Interpreters and translators have the skills to speak and write respectively. You can start your business through a website, including business cards and other such networking initiatives. If you have a specialization such as in medicine, science, or law, then its icing on the cake for you, since these fields have tricky vocabulary, which in turn can help you can earn more money.

  1. Event Planner

Event planners and managers are in great demand. So, if you love to host or plan events and parties, then this venture is for you. These events can include many special celebrations, including birthdays, wedding anniversaries, award ceremonies, graduations, etc.

In order to open up a business as an event planner, you must be well-organized, a good communicator, detail-oriented, and creative. But then again, networking is the chief marketing tool for getting clients, which you can do via online, fliers, and contractors.

  1. Pet Grooming

If you love pets and want to groom them, then you can become a pet groomer. A pet grooming business does not require a license or degree, which makes it easy to get underway. You can either set up your grooming center at one place or offer mobile services; the latter is better wherein you can visit your clients. Start by advertising in local pet stores and pet supply shops. You can offer your services for free initially and then use these as your work samples to get new clients.

  1. Construction Service

Construction services never go obsolete. Construction of houses, commercial buildings, and even sheds, playhouses, and garages is always in demand. So, if you have the right tools and skills, then you can make a niche in this business.

Make sure you have the complete tools, including ladders, hammers, saws, power tools, etc. You should start by giving ads in local newspapers, putting up flyers around your town, and advertising in grocery stores or local restaurants.

  1. Online Researcher

If you like working on academic papers or extracting information, then an online research business is for you. You can get paid for the time you usually spend surfing and reading the net. You can either first compile the information and then lookout for agencies that want such information or you can make your clients first and then supply them information depending on their requirements. In both these ways, you can earn well without having to put much investment in the beginning.

  1. Import/Export Business

If you feel that some product in your country is in demand but less in supply, then you can open up an import business and bring it in your country. Vice versa, you can send something you love in a foreign country, wherein its supply is less through your export business.

You just need to choose one product or one product category in which you will do your business. Make sure you learn everything about this product. You must make use of the internet to advertise about your business and sell your product through retailers rather than directly.

  1. Home Inspection

A home inspector has an important role to play. He or she helps people to know the current state of the new house they buy, whether it is completely new or second-hand. The home inspector can reveal all the strengths and flaws in the house structure.

First of all, you should know whether your state requires a registration or license for home inspectors. Then, you should have some construction knowledge and people dealing skills. Additionally, you need to be patient, since this business takes time to grow.

  1. Human Resource Service

If you have human resource skills, then you can open up your own HR business and thus provide HR services to small businesses. Small ventures lack the budget to hire an HR; still they require help in hiring people and managing their employees’ payroll and benefits.

You should know everything about this field before you start up a Human Resource business, such as mastering payroll software, being aware of employment laws, knowing different insurances that are given to employees, knowing the working of employees’ benefits, etc. You can start by networking and putting ads on local business sites and trade publications.

  1. Child Care Center

A childcare center is the need of many urban parents, who do not have time to take care of their kids since both of them need to work full time. For this, you must know how to deal with children and have plenty of patience.

You can open a daycare facility at your home first and then expand it later on to a store. However, you need to have proper certification and licensing to open a childcare center and become a childcare staff member. Advertising through word of mouth is your best bet in this field.

  1. Coffee bar/Bakery

Obviously, this is not about opening a restaurant, but a small store like a tea salon or bakery. You can do this within $10,000. You just need to have a nice selection of teas, coffees, snacks, and cookies if you plan to often a coffee bar or cakes and pastries if you plan to open a bakery.

The location of your business is of utmost importance. Then, you must choose the crowd, whether you want to go for office crowd, commuters, etc. This will affect your business hours too. You can put flyers or offer a free cup of coffee to lure customers. Additionally, you must know the food service regulations in your state.

  1. Outdoor Adventures

Do you love outdoor adventures? If yes, then this business is for you. Taking a group of people on an outdoor expedition is what this business is all about. Apart from loving the outdoors, you should have trip organizing skills, along with dealing with big groups of people.

Start off by deciding your location and specialty. Then, go for insurance or form an LLC. For advertising, make your own creative website to reach out to businesses, schools, etc. that usually plan for outdoor adventures. You can also consider buying a booth at local fairs and fishing shows.

  1. Expense Reduction Consultant

If you want to do a part-time business, along with your full-time job of a business manager, controller, accountant, administrator, or operations manager, then an expense reduction consultancy is what you can offer to businesses.

You can make use of your budgeting skills and business experience to help out small and local corporations in reducing their expenses. You can also offer your services in a particular business field, such as food services, manufacturing, or retail.

  1. Locksmith

Locksmiths are widely in demand. After all, these people help you in getting back to your house, car, or even office. However, if you want to become a locksmith, you first need to get proper training, which you can get within three months. For complex and big projects, you must require a training of up to four years.

There are locksmith organizations and colleges that provide such training. To get hands-on experience, you should become an apprentice for a local locksmith. Moreover, you need to check your state laws regarding locksmith licensing and certification. Then, you can advertise in the local paper or online. You can also put together your own website.

So, these are the businesses that you can start within $10,000. So, hurry up and set up a venture depending on your individual skills. Quit your job or just work part-time, it is on you. And, no need for huge investments, since these businesses ask for small startup costs.