Top 10 Web Design Trends to Watch Out For

Web design is an ever-changing industry. It’s worth noting that changes happen in the web design industry every year. So, it’s incredibly important for web designers to stay on top of web design trends all the time. The world is constantly changing and this affects the way websites are created.     

Nowadays, the success of a business depends a lot on its website. The web development process starts with design. Web design is a very responsible task. And of course, you have to take it very seriously. The modern business sites have to meet the certain criteria. These include:      

  • A website has to look great and be convenient for users;
  • A website has to function properly;
  • A website has to be mobile friendly;
  • A website has to be search engine friendly.      

Mastering the art of a web design is a journey that never ends. Those designers, who track changes that happen in the industry, can do a better job for their customers. Highly professional designers create the innovative and successful sites for businesses.  

Business owners have to adapt to the changes that happen in the web design industry as well. But most importantly, they have to do this very quickly. Do you think that your business site looks out-of-date? If so, you have to take an action and redesign your website as soon as possible.

Even small changes in web design can make a big difference. The updated site will attract more visitors, convert better and work more effectively for a business. Today, we’ll dig deeper into web design process and provide you with insights into the latest industry trends. 

So, let’s get started. 

1) 3D Visuals

Virtual reality is a key part of many web design projects these days. Moreover, the trend continues to gain in popularity.   

It makes a lot of sense to incorporate high-quality 3D elements such as animations and illustrations into the web design process. It goes without saying that these types of 3D design elements make websites more engaging.    

What is great about 3D effects is that they give a more realistic feel to a website. It’s also important to note that 3D visuals look great on screens of higher resolution.  

2) Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling is another growing web design trend. The reality is, a lot of business owners prefer to use a website to tell the story to their prospects and customers.

It’s incredibly important to design a website in a way that makes the storytelling process simple. Implementing scrollytelling into design makes it easy to do storytelling on a website.

Scrollytelling is a great way to show motions in small areas. You can use the power of animations, interactions as well as illustrations to tell the story. Provide users with a pause/play feature for motions on a website. This makes the process of storytelling more convenient.             

3) Big and Bold Typography

Big and bold typography is obviously becoming more popular these days. Web design professionals choose to use big and bold letters in their works for a good reason. The experiments have proved the fact that big and bold letters get a lot of attention.

There is no doubt that big and bold letters are easy to read. It’s a great idea to use this type of typography when a message consists of a few words. Big and bold typography works very well if you use it with such fonts as sans serifs and funky serifs.       

4) Elegant Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are best known for their simple structure. Using elegant serif fonts for graphic design has many great benefits. 

It’s important to know that such fonts make it possible to create more inviting graphic designs. Serif fonts look great on larger screens of higher resolution. 

The space around words increases and that’s the reason why letters are much easier to read. Such letters have an impact on users. So, you can use Serif fonts to send a message to the target audience.   

Among the elegant serif fonts that have become popular among web designers are Noe Display, Portrait as well as fonts of Georgia and Times families.      

5) Retro Fonts

As you may have noticed, some old things are becoming more popular again. Actually, this can be said about retro fonts. These fonts are regaining popularity these days.    

Retro fonts can be a good alternative to traditional fonts. Retro fonts are eye-catching. With retro fonts, graphic designs are very creative. 

It would be great to make experiments with retro fonts. Experimentations will allow you to create fonts that fit your design project’s needs in the best possible way.    

6) Black and White Illustrations

Black and white illustrations are suitable for any design style. Such illustrations have a realistic look. It’s possible to use them to create designs for websites in any industry.

It’s possible to use black and white illustrations with textures for different types of graphical elements. For example, such illustrations can be used for hero section of a website. Texture-based illustrations make a website look different.      

Black and white illustrations are an effective solution for web designers, who would like to add artistic effect to their works. Such illustrations work well for designs of a cartoon-inspired style.        

7) Colorful Backgrounds

More and more designers prefer to use colorful backgrounds for their projects. Beautiful bright colors are associated with a striving for excellence, better future and positive emotions.   

It’s important to know that colorful backgrounds come in two forms. You can use either blurs or gradients. 

The reality is, colorful backgrounds provide designers with plenty of choices. Make experiments and try different color combinations. You can consider amazing bright hues, rainbow-style palettes, etc. Explore all your options carefully and pick one that’s more to your liking.  

It’s fair to say that a graphic design project has a lighter and happier feel with colorful backgrounds. Colorful backgrounds bring the life to graphic designs and make them look much better.   

8) Circles

Graphic design elements that contain geometry are often used in web design. Such elements are a growing graphic design trend. Circles are a geometric shape that can be a part of any graphic design. This geometric shape is associated with such things as motion, perfection and wholeness.   

There are situations when it makes a lot of sense to incorporate circles in graphic design. For example, you should use circles when it’s necessary to add visual focus to an element. Circles are a good option if you use animation in graphic design.  

9) Collage Art

Collage art is an important graphic design element of a website that provides a collection of images or artworks on its pages. In this case, it would be great to create a layered collage look. 

Collage art makes it possible to show all pieces of a collection in a single high-resolution image. It brings together multiple images. With collage art, you can show images in a number of different ways. Images can be placed in boxes, merged or combined. This needs to be done to create a piece of art that has a layered collage look.  

It’s also recommended to use collage art when you need to show the diversity of your brand line. In a situation like this, a need to show multiple images at once arises.        

10) Dark Mode

Today, users can select either light or dark mode to view a website on browsers and on mobile devices. That’s why it’s so important to adapt web design projects for a dark color.  

When choosing between light and dark modes, a lot of users give a preference to dark color pallets. That means that it’s necessary to design a website with a dark color scheme in mind. In other words, you have to know how your website will look like in a dark mode. 

Test your website and see how its content and graphic elements look in the dark mode. Make sure that dark mode doesn’t affect the site’s readability and functionality.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for reading this article. As you can see, we’ve just provided the top 10 trends that happened in the web design industry over the last couple of years. Actually, there are many things that you can do to get a better business site.    

Web design trends mean website changes. Without a doubt, such changes create better opportunities and contribute greatly to the success of your business. Now, it’s time to integrate changes and develop a website that makes a difference.       

The main goal of this article is to inform you about the trends in the web design industry. Get creative and take advantage of the unique trends that we’ve just described. Hopefully, this will help you come up with amazing web design ideas and create a better business site. Best of luck! 

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