10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

If you’re running a website for your business, then you’re probably doing everything you can to get it to rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and get a lot of traffic in the process. That means you’re optimizing your website, which always leads to good things for your business.

We’ve put together 10 web design tips that will help you drive more sales.

High rankings and substantial traffic, however, don’t really mean much if you’re not making any progress in terms of sales, which is kind of the point of launching a website for your business. While great rankings in search results and having more and more people visit are reasons to celebrate, there is no happier feeling than seeing people buy any of the products or services that you are offering. And if your sales aren’t going well despite top rankings and massive traffic, then there must be something wrong somewhere.

There are many reasons why rankings and traffic could go up yet sales remain down. Your web design could be one of them since it does impact a site’s ability to generate leads and conversions. And if your web design does have something to do with the paltry sales, perhaps implementing the following web design tips could help improve your sales.

1. Make navigating your site easier.

Few things annoy Internet users more than getting lost within a website because of a navigation structure that’s cluttered at best. If your site doesn’t have clickable navigation elements or even a search feature that actually works, you cannot expect people to stay longer to explore it, much less purchase anything from it. They’ll just click that X button to the upper right corner of their screens and bounce off to another site, which could be your competitor.

Improve your navigation to make people stay and get a better chance of chalking up some sales.

2. Craft a great landing page.

Since a landing page is usually the first thing your visitors see the moment they get to your site, it’s imperative that you make it as impressive as you can make it. However, it doesn’t need all the bells and whistles to impress. In most cases, a landing page already becomes a great lead-generation tool when it has a compelling headline, an image of excellent quality, and a superbly-written description of what you are offering.

3. Keep your contact form short.

Most people hate filling out long forms, so if you’re going to ask complete strangers to give out some personal information, better make your contact form short. Ask for nothing more than a name, an email address, and a zip code. If your contact form asks for what amounts to a curriculum vitae as far as the number of personal details is concerned, expect them to bounce off to another website, and it could be that of your competitor’s.

4. Make your call-to-action (CTA) buttons more visible.

As its name suggests, a call-to-action (CTA) button is what prompts to visitors to do something while exploring your website. Before they can click it, your CTA must be highly visible in the first place, so color it orange or red, and put it above the fold or some other spot on your Home Page where it can be easily seen.

5. Show your badges if you got them.

Don’t shy away from displaying any trust, security, and awards badge you’ve received over the years. If anything, you should be proud about having them because it means your site and your business are completely deserving of people’s trust. Surely, you can find a place for them in your web design.

6. Give away freebies.

“I don’t like getting free stuff,” said no one ever. Even the rich and famous like freebies, so tweak your web design and add something in there about giving buyers free shipping or a free trial of your product. You can be sure that visitors are going to try to get their hands on your freebies, and who knows, they might just proceed to buy something from your site.

7. Go for responsive web design.

Sit inside a coffee shop somewhere, look around you, and you’ll see that practically everyone is busy doing stuff—shopping, in all likelihood—on their mobile devices. When mobile users shop and the top-ranked site they want to buy something from doesn’t display well on their tablets or smartphones, they’ll just shrug it off and open a link to the next site on the SERPs.

The moral of the above story is: Don’t be the site that doesn’t display well on mobile devices. There are just too many mobile users that you cannot afford to alienate. Mobile users do not kid around when it comes to buying things online, and you definitely want to be in their good graces. Start by switching to a responsive web design to make your site look good on mobile, and everything will follow.

8. Display positive testimonials.

Genuine testimonials from previous customers have always been great for spreading the word about your products or services. So if you receive a message or an email from a satisfied customer, don’t think twice about putting it up on your website for all to see. Come to think of it, you could use an entire page or section of your website for testimonials since they give your reputation a boost and attract potential customers as well.

9.  Make engaging videos.

You can write articles, or you can make videos. People will read your articles especially when they’re expertly-written, but your videos are going to draw in more people simply because they’re easier to absorb and are particularly more engaging that articles on the same topic that run for a few thousand words each.

10. Speed up your website.

Pages that take forever to load have been the boon of many websites. With users becoming more accustomed to speed in just about everything they do online, a page that takes more than three seconds to load is a candidate for dropping by increasingly impatient users. To improve your page loading speed, you might want to make a few web design adjustments such as upgrading to a new PHP version and compressing images, among other things.

For sure, the tips above do not automatically mean an immediate rise in sales, but do them right and give them some time, and they just might help you reach your sales goals eventually.

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