Managing SEO professionals can be challenging. 

Fortunately, with the right strategy, tools, and skills, you can improve the SEO team’s communication and help them achieve maximum efficiency.

Want to get the most out of your SEO team? Here are a few proven tips to help you.

Efficient Communication with Your SEO TeamEncourage Frequent Communication and Collaboration

Talk to each employee about the role of their coworkers. Make sure they understand how other team members contribute to your company’s SEO goals. 

Encourage them to share opinions and collaborate continuously. 

For example, the content marketing team cannot produce SEO-friendly content until your SEO analysts have made a list of keywords. On the other hand, off-site SEO professionals cannot build links without quality content.  

To provide a free flow of ideas, invest in the right team collaboration tools. That is particularly vital to remote SEO teams. With tools like Slack, your staff members can communicate in real-time, share ideas, and provide valuable feedback, irrespective of their location.

Give your SEO Team Freedom

Micromanagement affects employee satisfaction on multiple levels. It decreases employee creativity, independence, and morale. 

Give your SEO team the freedom to share their ideas and implement them strategically. Trust your employees to do what they are skilled at doing. 

Most importantly, ensure they are not afraid of failure. When provided with the flexibility to work independently, your team would do their best to find the right solution for the company or its clients. 

Provide your Team with the Right Tools

SEO professionals’ success depends on the time needed to perform their tasks. They also need to take care of time-consuming, manual tasks.

Your SEO team already uses a wide range of SEO tools. Why not invest in a cloud reporting solution that integrates with your SEO tools. When bringing all relevant SEO tools, metrics, and KPIs together under a comprehensive dashboard, they will perform tasks more efficiently.

For example, Four Dots, a Sydney SEO agency, understands the importance of the right tools to digital marketing professionals. They have developed a wide range of in-house digital marketing tools to automate repetitive SEO tasks and focus on operations that require critical thinking and creativity.

Set Clear and Achievable Goals

Without a clear strategy and well-defined goals, even the most experienced SEO professionals get overwhelmed.

Clear, achievable, time-bound, and measurable objectives help you measure your SEO team’s performance. Based on them, you can choose the right SEO performance metrics and assess the success of your campaigns. 

Most importantly, by setting clear goals, you can improve your team’s performance. By tracking the right metrics, they can make informed SEO decisions. For example, they can determine which SEO tactics work and invest more in them.

Apart from setting monthly, quarterly, and yearly SEO goals, encourage staff members to specify their weekly goals. Determining short-term and achievable goals creates a sense of direction and motivates them.

Reward Employee Success

SEO requires time. That means your team’s efforts and hard work are not apparent for several months. That is why you should track their performance and reward them accordingly. 

Recognizing your SEO team for their contribution and hard work increases their morale and motivation. It proves that you perceive them as your company’s valuable asset and increases their commitment to their jobs. 

Apart from a pay rise, you can also praise staff members publicly or throw a party to celebrate success.

Invest in Employee Education

The SEO landscape is changing at lightning-fast speeds. When Google launches a new algorithm update, everything your team knows may change overnight. New technologies and trends also have an immense impact on search engine optimization. Remember how your keyword research process and content creation have changed the rollout of mobile-first indexing or voice search. 

To increase your team’s productivity, help them keep up with the latest industry trends. 

For starters, give employees the freedom, time, and resources to improve their SEO skills on their own. For example, motivate them to read new blog posts, listen to industry-related podcasts, attend webinars, and read books on digital marketing. They may want to share what they learned with the rest of the team. 

Alternatively, consider investing in online courses for your SEO staff. Send them to relevant digital marketing conferences and seminars, where they can learn from the industry leaders. You can also purchase premium web-based SEO courses for your employees to use.

Employee education is an investment in the long run. By sharpening your team’s skills, you will improve their industry competence and meet company and client needs faster. Above all, by providing them with career advancement opportunities, you will increase top players’ morale and loyalty.

Over to You

Effective communication is essential for any SEO department. However, remember that every team is different. So, test and tweak the tactics mentioned above.