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The design of your website means a lot to the success of your online business. If customers like your website’s design, they would be happy to buy your products or services.

On the other hand, your site’s users are likely to go to your competitors if they don’t like your design and feel uncomfortable on your website. So, a poor user experience can cost a lot to your business.

Creating a good-looking business site that converts well has to be one of the top priorities in your online marketing strategy. But most importantly, you should aim to provide the site’s visitors with the best possible user experience.

When designing a website, you have to take into account many important factors. These include:

  • colors
  • imagery
  • simplicity
  • functionality
  • typography

It goes without saying that website design is a very important aspect and you always have to take it seriously. The effective design of a website will contribute greatly to the success of your online marketing strategy.

  • You have to create an easy-to-use website for your business.
  • Your website design has to engage the site’s users.
  • A design has to contain a message that you would like to send to your target audience.
  • It’s incredibly important to create the design with your brand in mind. Your brand awareness will increase if you design your website in an impressive way.

Creating a design of a website is not always easy. But there are some principles as well as rules that make the web design process simple. In this blog, we’ll provide the top 7 web development tips to help you create a good design for your business site.

So, let’s get started.


You need to create a website that meets user’s needs in the best possible way. So, you should always design a website with visitors in mind.

Websites are created for different purposes. Business owners use a website to advertise their products or services. Some people prefer to add a portfolio to a website to show their samples of work to prospects. A site allows businesses to build an online reputation as well.

It all begins with goal setting. Initially, you have to define the main purpose of your website. Finally, you have to create a website design that allows you to accomplish your goals.


The number of mobile users has increased significantly over the last few years. A lot of people choose to use different types of mobile devices to search for information and purchase products or services online. So, your business will get an increase in sales if you turn mobile traffic into customers.

All of this means that you have to build a mobile-friendly site for your business. Keep in mind that sites with a responsive layout automatically adjust to screens. Make use of a responsive design to create a website that looks great on all browsers and all screen resolutions.


As you might know, the rule of thirds is widely used in photography. Web development professionals use this rule for creating designs of websites as well. The rule of thirds is all about using the intersection points in the design.

According to the rule of thirds, website design has to be divided into 9 equal parts with 4 lines. It’s necessary for a web designer to put the most important graphic design elements into the points where lines cross each other. Such points usually get a lot of attention.


Visual hierarchy allows designers to arrange graphic elements by importance. When designing a web page, a professional has to select the right size, color, contrast as well as texture, and style for graphic elements.

A designer has to make the right choices and draw the user’s attention to the most important graphic elements. If a website is designed in the right way, viewers will concentrate their attention on the most important things. As a result, a website will work better for a business.


It’s a great idea to add white space to a website’s design. Empty spaces between elements make the design more convenient for the site’s visitors. It’s a lot easier to send a message to the target audience with white spaces.

Would you like to put the blocks of text into web design? If so, you can take advantage of white spaces. It goes without saying that site’s visitors will find it easy to consume the content on a web page if you insert empty spaces between the lines of text.


None wants to wait. The same can be said about sites. The statistics show that the vast majority of users leave a site if its pages don’t open within a couple of seconds. If this doesn’t happen, the site’s visitors will most likely go to your competitors.

Clearly, you shouldn’t lose your site’s visitors because they can turn into prospects and clients over time. That’s why you should create a business site that loads quickly. It’s crucial to take into account website speed optimization when creating designs. Your web pages will load much faster if you optimize images on your website.


Testing makes it possible for you to improve your website’s design. Testing is something that you need to do regularly. Make changes to design if necessary.

When testing your website design, you need to pay close attention to such factors as conversion rate, the average time people spend on a website, etc.

Analyzing user’s behavior will give you an understanding of how to design a site in a better way.

It makes a lot of sense to try different designs and analyze their efficiency. Sooner or later, you will find out what design works best for your website.


Thank you so much for reading this article. Web design is an art and you’ll find it easy to master this art with these 7 web development tips.

An effective design allows business owners to accomplish their marketing goals. So, you should aim to make your website look professional and convenient for users.

If you design your website in the right way, you will keep visitors on your website long enough. So, they will get familiar with your products and services. Your prospects will come back to your business site. Finally, site’s users will make a purchase and turn into your customers.

Best of luck!