Tips for Creating More Clickable Headlines

Let’s assume that you have so many social followers on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others. However, your social media traffic doesn’t turn into website visitors and, therefore, your business doesn’t get customers.

Or, maybe, you’ve even tried to use paid ads to promote your business but they don’t work for you well. The reality is, building social media following and using paid ads is not enough for success. It’s pretty clear that you are making some mistakes and, of course, you have to do something about it.

The big question is – why does this happen? The problem is that you create the wrong type of headlines for the content that needs to be promoted. As a result, headlines don’t attract attention of users to your advertising and your efforts don’t crown with success.

That’s how bad headlines negatively affect your conversion. However, you shouldn’t get into despair. It’s worth noting that writing effective headlines is no easy task that requires special knowledge, skills as well as experience. That’s the reason why professional content writing services are so expensive.

If you are going to hire a highly experienced content writer to get clickable headlines created for your advertising campaign, then you must be prepared to pay up to $100 per hour. The main job of a professional content writer is to write effective headlines that get clicks.

Clickable headlines are a key to a successful online promotion campaign. No matter what type of content you are promoting, you should always write clickable headlines that work pretty well. First of all, you should aim to grab user’s attention.

After that, you need to direct a user to a web page that you are promoting. This can be a landing page, a sales page, a blog section or other type of content.

You’ll need to create headlines when writing the title for email subject line, the title for the sales page, the title for presentation, the title for a social media post and the title for a blog post. If you can’t afford to hire a skilled copywriter, then you should definitely try to master the art of writing clickable headlines.

Keep in mind that learning killer headlines can be hard particularly for people who have never dealt with online marketing. However, as the saying goes “nothing is impossible”.

Finepoint Design is a full-service marketing agency that has experience in different areas of online marketing. Our expert team consists of graphic design and branding professionals, web design and development specialists, SEO and SEM experts, email marketers, online reputation managers and, of course, professional content writers.

Today, we would like to share secrets for writing clickable headlines that work and attract traffic to a website. So, you can follow our tips to take your copywriting skills to the next level.

Headline writing strategy #1: social proof needs to be a part of your headline.

In reality, people tend to check customer reviews prior to buying some product or service. Most likely that a buyer will give a preference to a seller, who has built a good reputation on the market.

According to the statistics, up to 95% of clients prefer to read customer reviews before to purchase something online and up to 90% of clients use reviews as their personal recommendations. The statistics also shows that up to 60% of buyers choose to deal with businesses that have 4 Star and 5 Star reviews.

As a content writer you can easily take advantage of this fact when creating headlines for their advertising campaigns.

It’s pretty clear that people want to see some kind of social proof before making a final decision to buy a product (or service) or not to buy. In other words, a potential customer wants to see that other people really like the product or service of their choice. All of this means that it’s important to use the social proof in headlines.

Don’t be afraid to put the statistical data into your headlines. The statistical data is something that makes headlines more clickable. Social proof makes a great impression on people.

If people are impressed with the statistics provided in headlines, they would be interested in opening an email, reading a blog post or going to a landing page. Use the power social proof to make your advertisement more effective and attract more people to your website!

It’s a great idea to create headlines like: “Over 10,000 Writers are Already Using This Great Online Tool to Track Grammar Errors”, “More Than 1000 Dentists Use this App to Grow Their Business”, “We Have Already Helped 5000 Families Find Their Dream Homes in the City of Michigan” and so on.

Headline writing strategy #2: mention threats in your headline.

It makes a lot of sense to use some kind of a threat in a headline. However, you need to ensure that your threat doesn’t sound very scary. If you write this type of headlines, then you need to show people that you are going to provide a solution in the article.

Here are a few examples of threat headlines: “7 Ways to Prevent Foreclosure”, “Top 10 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid”, “5 Things to Do to Rescue a dying Tree”, “How to Prevent Insurance Overpayments” and so on.

Headline writing strategy #3: make promises and describe the benefits of a deal in your headline.

You can make a promise in your headlines and also make it clear for people that they need to take an action and familiarize yourself with your content to get the benefits. It would be great to create this type of headlines for the content that promotes various deals and for the informational content.

Here are a few samples of the so called gain headlines: “10 Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas”, “13 Cheap Last Minute Holiday Deals to Use in 2019”, “5 Easy to Do Yoga Exercises for Beginners”, “5 Best Selling WordPress Themes on ThemeForest” and so on.

Tips for Improving Headlines and Making Them More Clickable

Obviously, it’s incredibly important to create effective headlines that get clicks as well as potential customers and sales. If you find that your headlines don’t work for your business well, don’t fall into despair.

You need to know that there are many ways to improve your headlines. In fact, you can make your headlines much better if you choose to follow the right type of a strategy. In other words, you need to know what it takes to write a good headline.

When writing headlines you don’t have to be afraid to make experiments. If you constantly make experiments, you’ll be able to figure out what type of headlines works best for you over time. After that, you’ll find it easy to change your content writing strategy and achieve great results. Remember, your primary goal is to get the most out of headlines.

The truth is that, even small changes can make a big difference. As a result, you’ll get headlines that work. So, the big question is – what needs to be done to improve headlines? Let’s try to find the answer right away.

  1. Use the Words “How To” in Your Headlines

It’s a great idea to start a headline with “how to”. The multiple experiments have shown that “how to” style headlines work pretty well for any type of business and usually gain lots of attention. We all know that people often want to get the answers to their questions. And of course, you can easily take advantage of this fact as a content creator. All that you need to do for this is to begin a headline with “how to”.

Actually, it doesn’t matter how you choose to promote your content. Your content can be promoted in many different ways including search engines, social media, YouTube and email marketing. However, you’ll definitely see the difference in performance if you add words “how to” to your headlines. It goes without saying that you’ll get more clicks for your headlines if you decide to follow this type of a strategy.

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that “how to” style headlines are very good for search engine optimization. We would recommend you to update all of articles on your website and add “how to” to their headlines where it’s possible. This is an easy way to improve website’s SEO. The “how to” style headlines are likely to improve greatly your site’s SEO.

Here are a few samples of “how to” style headlines: “How to Write Content That Attracts Backlinks to a Site Naturally?”, “How to Workout Like a Pro at Home” and “How to Get the Most Out of Digital Marketing Efforts”.

  1. Give People Time Frame

People tend to make purchases when sellers provide them with deals. That means that it makes a lot of sense to provide prospects with the so called limited time offers (also known as limited time deals) if you would like to drive lots of sales to your business within a short period of time. So, it would be nice to provide people with a time frame if you would like to see a significant increase in sales quickly.

  1. Take Advantage of Fascination

You should aim to create headlines that make people wow. If people find your headline interesting, they will most likely decide to make a click and get the access to your content. In order to make this happen, you need to do everything possible to create headlines that sound very interesting and get attention of readers.

Make Use of the Social Media Headline Swipe File

The help of the headline swipe file is immeasurable in the process of creating headlines that work. If you learn how to use the headline swipe file, then you’ll not need to hire a professional copywriter. You’ll be able to create effective headlines by yourself. Take advantage of the tool to get headlines and then do A/B tests for headlines. As a result, you’ll be able to pick the most effective headlines for different advertising purposes.

It’s pretty easy to get headlines for Pay – per – Click ads, blog posts, social media promotion and newsfeeds with the headline swipe file. Plus, it will not take too much time to create headlines this way. Next, you’ll have to do tests and try to figure out what type of headlines is the most suitable for your business. Finally, you’ll have to select clickable headlines that work pretty well.

However, your work doesn’t stop at this stage. You should continue experimenting and make attempts to improve your headlines. Now, you need to figure out if your headline writing strategy is effective or, maybe, it needs to be changed. Sooner or later, you’ll get experience and achieve great success in creating headlines. With effective headlines, your content will receive more clicks, targeted users, sales as well as more social media likes, shares and followers.

On the other hand, you’ll need to take an action and make changes to your strategy if you find that things go wrong. Do you see that your headlines don’t work well enough? If so, you should definitely try to re-write them. By doing so, you will be able to make your headlines more clickable and your content more effective.

It’s important to know that mastering the art of writing clickable headlines is not always easy. You need to work hard and try to improve your writing style on a regular basis. It’s also important to note that the process of learning how to write headlines that work takes a lot of time.

If, for example, you have a business to run and need to spend a lot of time on your own clients then it would be better to trust this important task to real professionals. Finepoint Design is a dedicated team of marketers, who are the best in what they do. Our digital marketing experts are always looking forward to helping you with any of your headline writing needs. Contact us anytime!

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