The Top 10 Social Media Influencers of 2018

One of the biggest marketing movements of the latest years has been definitely the influencer marketing.

We have experienced how suddenly, our Social Media platforms got full of beauty bloggers, gamers, fitness motivators, comedians, etc. The social networks went from being a tool to share our personal life with our closest friends and family, to be the best platform to share valuable content with the rest of the world.

What is an influencer?

The influencers are the people who have emerged from social platforms and have certain credibility over the audience by sharing opinions and contributions to a determinate topic in which they are specialized.

They have become media leaders because of the internet’s immediacy. Influencers are not necessarily famous people. They born from social networks and is the trust that people give them what makes them ambassadors of a specific category. The Influencers are the people who can help your business to reach more popularity an online visibility

That’s the reason why we have lately experienced how brands have been working with them as ambassadors of their advertisement. Directly or indirectly, the influencers make subtle contributions, reviews or opinions about a determinate product or service, which makes viral and creates a topic of discussion in the audience.

Many brands work with influencers with whom they have qualities in common, according to demographic, contextual or psychographic information. However, this time we will present you the group of top worldwide social media influencers of 2018!

  1. PewDiePie:

A Swedish social media influencer focused on entertainment is the most followed person on YouTube all over the world. He reaches nearly 100 million of followers between his YouTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Seeing the big mass of people and potential clients he moves, you could think that any brand would love to work with him.

However, he has been involved in many marketing scandals for creating what many people consider as inappropriate content. In 2017, he launched some videos on his YouTube channel with anti-Semite content. This immediately made Disney break their business relationships with him.

This reminds brands that they need to be smarter while starting an influencer marketing campaign because it’s not about working with the one who has more scope, but with the one who shares similar values and traits. Once your brand works with an influencer, it becomes its face and every positive or negative action will affect the reputation of your company.

  1. Huda Kattan:

As there are influencers focused in the entertainment field, we have Huda Kattan, who started as a make-up artist and beauty blogger and now she has become a synonymous of beauty in Instagram, reaching more than 25 million of followers.

She has created a solid platform for content specialized in the beauty and makeup field, which makes her one of the most powerful influencers for this type of brands. This growth even gave her the necessary base to launch her own makeup collection. As some of her main traits, we can enhance her artistic skills, her emotionality and her efforts to promote the self-expression.

  1. Whindersson Nunes:

With more than 27 million of followers only in his Youtube channel, he is one of the most popular jokesters in Social Media. This Brazilian actor and comedian started in this world when he was only 15, creating a huge audience of people who enjoy his hilarious photos, videos, and parodies on the internet.

He jumped out of its homemade videos and used its popularity created in social media to promote his career as an actor and as a stand-up comic.

  1. Lele Pons:

This Venezuelan Influencer definitely knows how to get the best of each challenge. She started making funny short videos of 6 seconds in the Vine platform that was closed in 2017 and went from being a social media platform to become a simple camera app.

In this manner, she adapted her content to other social networks such as Instagram where she reached more than 24 million of followers, and Youtube, whit a community of more than 9 million of users. She is very versatile but focused on the entertainment content. However, she is an ambassador of beauty brands like CoverGirl. As some of her traits, we can mention her self-enhancement, ideal, love and excitement.

  1. El Rubius:

Ruben Gunderson is one of the most popular YouTubers in Spain. His channel started showing videos of himself playing and commenting video games, so he had developed an audience of gamers and teenagers who love technology. Nowadays, he does occasionally blog posts and his platform reaches more than 28 million of followers.

However, he knows how to diversify his content to show different aspects of his life in all his platforms. For example, he posts personal photos and facts of his life in his Instagram profile, and he uses his Twitter to share hilarious graphic content like memes.

  1. Zach King:

He is an American filmmaker who started his journey as an influencer in the Vine platform.  Zach King is best known for his videos on Instagram, whose profile reaches almost 22 million of followers.

In his interesting clips, he gives the impression that he is doing magic with his awesome visual effects. He has developed a trustable reputation around this field in social media as he also started to share tutorials and challenges in his Youtube channel that reaches almost 2,5 million users. As some of his features related to his personality with which a brand identifies are his gregariousness, openness to change, immoderation and friendliness.

  1. Dude Perfect:

Not all the influencers work by themselves, in fact, some of them are even a team that work together to create awesome results. It’s the case of the Dude Perfect Youtube Channel, a sports entertainment company that started as a project of 5 friends, specifically former basketball players.

They started in 2009 with their first video that came viral, showing a cool basketball trick. They focus their content on the sports and comedy field by sharing sports tricks, challenges, and competitions. With much effort, they have grown a Youtube community of more than 29 million of subscribers, jumping to other platforms by creating its own TV show, an online store, and multiple mobile apps.

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  1. Michelle Lewin:

She is a Venezuelan fitness enthusiast who has been involved in the bodybuilding field for several years, being on the cover of magazines like Playboy and Muscle & Fitness. She became a reference in the fitness world for women as she started to share her job, progress, and training through her social media platforms. In addition, the fact that she has won different bikini fitness competitions makes her a trustable icon in this field.

Her Instagram community has almost 13 million members and many brands want to work with her because of traits like excitement, seeking, ideal and imagination.

  1. Cameron Dallas:

This talented boy from California started his journey in the Youtube and Vine platform. Nowadays, he has appeared in some movies and he is working on the Netflix reality show “Chasing Cameron”. This influencer has created a base of almost 6 million of subscribers in Youtube, but he is actually more powerful on Instagram, where he shares mostly pictures of his life, reaching an audience of more than 20 million people.

He has even collaborated with Aeropostal, creating a clothing line and some aspects of his personality that brands love are his gregariousness, openness to change, excitement and vulnerability.

  1. Lilly Singh:

She is a Canadian Youtuber that has diversified her scope becoming an actress and author of her book “How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life”. She has a solid community on both Instagram and Youtube platform where she shares her humorous videos and she now reaches more than 20 million of followers between both profiles.

Her power on the internet is a fact, as she appeared in the top of the entertainment 2017 Forbes Top Influencers List. Many brands are enchanted to work with Lilly because of her openness to change, emotionality, altruism, and self-enhancement.

Consider some of the most powerful social media influencers all over the world who know how to keep their audience satisfied with their content. Many brands are excited to work with them and launching an influencer marketing strategy that helps them to connect with those users who could be potential clients. Don’t forget that there are many other influencers with a regional or local scope with whom you could also work to develop great benefits for your business!

Are you an influencer? Do you know of a major player we left out? Let us know in the comments below!