Global 5g Adoption By 2021

The Impact of 5G on Web Design & Development

5G will enable websites to offer upgraded features such as a real-time customer experience.

Over the past year, many major network providers and mobile companies have released 5G coverage in different locations. 5G will not only affect mobile users and the telecommunication industry, the web design and development world will also change as a direct result of the new technology.

5G is predicted to be 10-100 times faster than the previous 4G networking technology. It offers stable network connectivity with lower latency that leads to shorter response time from servers. Higher bandwidth makes it possible to handle more devices on one network connection. Because of all these benefits, 5G mobile connections will significantly increase by 2021.

How 5G will impact web design

Phone companies have already started launching 5G-compatible mobile devices, which means that the number of clients and consumers connecting to 5G networks will increase rapidly over the next coming years.

In the context of web design, extra network speed means mobile websites will be able to offer better video quality without causing any delay in loading speeds. A fast loading speed is crucial for websites, which in the past has led websites to reduce the number of features, especially on mobile sites. 5G technology will provide additional support to web designs that use videos extensively. This new technology has significantly less delay time, through its advanced network design.

In addition to this, 5G connections will support the use of virtual reality apps and virtual personal assistants. Web designers will require improved chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) in their web designs for business websites. Browsing websites on mobile devices using 5G connections will become an enhanced experience for clients. Presently, more than 52% of the overall web traffic is on mobile phones, and 5G will only cause this number to rise in the coming years.

5G will make websites gain more from videos, especially 4K video that has often not been used because of limited internet connectivity and slow speed with 4G. 5G could make 4K commonplace, maybe even embedded into the background of website designs.

5G and ecommerce website development

5G will enable the Internet of Things (IoT), which includes smart homes, drones, and smart cities.

Moreover, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) also rely on a fast and reliable mobile network Through 5G, it will become possible to connect multiple smart devices quickly, reliably and efficiently.

Web marketing for ecommerce will benefit from this fast and efficient connectivity. While 4G brought excellent location-based services and video streaming on the market, 5G will change the way people do business via an eCommerce web presence that is AR or VR enabled.

AR and VR technologies will also transform the online retail industry. Google and Amazon are already working on transforming their online retail platforms following the release of 5G.

Online retailers are also focusing on AR and VR to pursue concept testing, analyze consumers’ emotional connection, and identify the match between feedback and concepts of their products before implementation. These accurate insights and details will help the companies to boost the customer experience and maximize their revenue.

Cloud technology support

The popular concept of software as a service (SaaS) has been available for efficient access on desktop and full-size computers. This is because most people on a computer can easily access a dependable and continuous internet connection.

However, when it comes to cloud technologies, these will feature ever more widely on mobile. The advent of 5G means that mobile app developers and designers will be able to access SaaS on various kinds of systems and platforms.

The Impact of 5G

5G technology is going to have a significant impact on the web design and development industry. This is a much-anticipated technology, especially for those working in the web design and development world.

It might take a few years, but 5G certainly will revolutionize web design and development practices up to a great extent.

Web designers and developers should start planning and working on how 5G will impact their ability to offer innovative solutions for their customers’ needs. 5G will now have to find a place in any website owners’ long term strategy.