Terrific Photoshop Hacks to Beautify Your Photos [updated]

In our modern world where digitalization and social sharing is into the lifestyle of people, the existing generation is becoming more photogenic than ever. When it comes to social sharing, you must be fond of uploading and sharing your impressive photos only. Now, as you are probably not a professional photographer, it’s possible that your photos may require a touch. On such occasions, knowing several Photoshop hacks come to your rescue!

While there are a plethora of photo editing apps and software, we emphasize on the “King of Photo Editors” because it allows you to make the changes that you desire. This, in turn, makes your life easier than ever as you can exemplify the quality of your photos within minutes. On that note, here are some terrific Photoshop hacks that will enhance your beauty virtually!

Cross Pollinate

Have you ever wondered what happens when you add the shades of a beautiful artwork to your photo? Photoshop enables you to add interesting colors and vibrancy to your photo by crossing it with an image. For this, you need to have two images – your not-so-vibrant photo and an image with vibrant colors.

To cross pollinate your photo, open the photo in Photoshop. Go to Adjustments tab from the Image menu and click on Match Color. Now you will have to select the image whose colors you want to pollinate with your photo. You will find that your image has got a refreshing, vibrant touch. You may play with Color Intensity and Luminance to enhance the shades.

Mattify Your Skin

If your photos highlight that your skin is oily, here’s a Photoshop hack that will give your skin an impressive, matte touch. To begin with, you have to select a non-shiny area of skin using the Eyedropper tool. Now, select the Brush tool and paint all the areas that highlights the oily skin. Make sure that the opacity of the brush paint is 15-17%. Your skin will appear to be less shiny and your photo will be more presentable than before.

Erase Photo-bombers

How irritating it is when your best friend or a group of tourists spoil your impressive photo? Infinitely irritating, isn’t it? But with Photoshop installed in your desktop, removing their presence is hectic no more! Just capture about 12 photos consistently in the same posture every 10 seconds.

Open the images by digging into the Scripts menu from File and select Statistics. Here you will find Median, which will allow you to select multiple files. Choose the images you clicked and let Photoshop perform the magic! You will find that the photo-bombers have been removed from your photo automatically.

The Retro Charm

If you are fond of giving your photos the ultimate artistic effect, nothing can beat the retro charm. Colors are beautiful, but it doesn’t surpass the elegance of the shades of gray! Abiding by this fact, if you are looking forward to discoloring your photo and adding a black-and-white charm, we will help you save a couple of minutes. Instead of any long and tedious procedure, just press Ctrl + Shift + U. That’s it! Your photo has got the retro charm to captivate the eyes of viewers.

Now it’s time to share!

You’re probably really proud of the work you’ve done to your photo and want to let the world have a chance to see it. To show off what you’ve done, take a look at some of the best sites for sharing photos.

Practice these terrific Photoshop hacks on your photos before sharing and get more appreciations than ever before! Happy Sharing!