Our SEO Strategy

Step 1 - Strategy


Start by examining the data

We won’t be able to make informed decisions regarding your campaign without effective data to work with. We’ll conduct a complete review of your account to confirm that your data is accurate and ready for reporting.

Analyze your competitors

Examine your competition, industry, and market share in-depth. This information will be used to reverse engineer the optimal strategy for your company.

Website Review

Using several different pieces of software, Finepoint creates an SEO roadmap for finding, fixing, and correcting all of your website’s SEO issues.

All-encompassing SEO strategy

Finepoint creates and presents to you a complete SEO plan. Our growth experts will show you exactly what you need to do to climb to the top of the SERPs.

Step 2 - Content


Keyword Gap Analysis

We compare 5 of your competitor’s top-ranking keywords to reverse engineer and use for your content generation.

Ideation of content topics

We flush out the keywords found in the gap analysis into focused subjects for new page construction using the keywords obtained in the gap analysis.

Setup of your custom content calendar

A simple, well-organized calendar that keeps track of all of your content in one location.

Briefings on specific topics

Each topic is given a complete content outline that may be handed on to any writer with the necessary skills.

Step 3 - link building

Link Building

Pages to be targeted

A data-driven technique to determining which pages to link to.

Audit of the link profile

A thorough examination of your website’s links to decide which link kinds should be targeted with outreach.

Link Prospecting

Creating a list of relevant, authoritative websites to approach for link placements.

Acquisition of links

On authoritative sites, live links are placed. All communications, tracking, and discussions will be handled by us.