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Online Reputation Management (ORM)


Online reputation is how other people and companies perceive you, your company or your brand online. It’s how people tend to make decisions when it comes to working with someone, a company or purchasing a product. The first things that come up in the search results are how the majority of people will see and perceive you.

These results can show in various forms, but typically appear in search engine results like Google or Bing, what comes up when someone starts typing in Google and it attempts to autocomplete your query, or as reviews found on Yelp, Amazon, Google places, or social media sites.

We take reputation management on a case by case and client by client basis. We start by doing an initial evaluation to determine the extent of the damage and try to decide how long the recovery process may take.

Why is online reputation management important?

1. Trust and Credibility
Your business’ reputation is an essential aspect for your survival; if you have the trust of your clients then this is just your major component of the success of your business. Trust can build positive word of mouth marketing, this is because some clients have a tendency to ask their friends and relatives about a service and if those friends and relatives have trust in that service then they definitely refer them to the company. It is therefore advisable to establish trust in your clients by having a positive reputation.

2. Higher Revenues
Trust is very important in any transaction when clients use the trust to select your product among others especially from your competitor it means that your product is more reliable to your competitors. When this happens your product brand get more sales which translate to higher revenues. Online reputation management becomes very critical for your business online.

3. Professional Image
A well-designed business or corporate image is of great importance in running your daily business for any company. Using a business house becomes difficult to market your business well because of much time that is required to convince customers to use your products. If your business has a negative online reputation, it will end up costing you a lot.

Your current customers or new clients will try to look for a good product provider by searching from Google. Potential customers will try to look for already available online information and make a decision on whose product to use. So getting online reputation management will help you grow your business fast by helping it have higher SEO ran.

4. Recruitment
Having a good online reputation will make a company to receive a large number of job applications in case they have any job opening, this will enable them to get a variety of very qualified personnel, there is no doubt that a very qualified personnel will always do his research on a specific company before accepting an interview with the company in question. If you have a positive online reputation then the candidate would not hesitate to say yes to you, so why not have your customers and your reviews on the positive and happier side in order to attract the best talents, we can definitely help you achieve this.

What is online reputation management in digital marketing

Reputation management is just an art whereby its general motive is to advance and increase the positive aspects of a person or a brand on search engine result pages for a number of specific keywords that have a great influence to the clients online.

With the arrival of search engines and other social media platforms, a specific set of consumers or clients can have access to any kind of information they might need about anyone or any brand. This valuable weapon can help your business grow through what is widely known as the search engine optimization, search engine marketing, not forgetting social media marketing and lastly content market.

User-generated content has proved to be an important factor in decision making. If your company pleases your clients then he or she will go ahead and carry out all the positive publicity, on the other hand, if you disappoint your clients then he or she will again spread negative publicity and the worst part is that your competition can also engage in the act just to taint your image.

Some research argued that business does not get huge losses due to bad reviews on the internet by dissatisfied customers, it went ahead and explained that one unhappy customer will go and tell his three thousand friends while one happy client will go and tell his three friends, you see the difference, right? Now, this is where the loss comes from.

Do online reputation management services work?

Online reputation management focuses more on dialogue, it emphasizes more on reaching out to the audience than it does on controlling one’s brand, and this is simply because it cannot control what people post online about you or your brand, even if it is a false allegation. Online reputation management campaigns emphasize responding to the negative reviews and develop a number of strategies to curb this.

Online reputation management removes all the negative reviews which are crucial to your business, these negative reviews can have a very heavy impact in your brand’s reputation and hence affect your sales, this is why it is important to build your online reputation by use of online reputation management services.

Online reputation management services work by nurturing your brand’s equity, and have a positive impact on your sales and your product’s revenue, in the future, online reputation will be more important as compared to now, because there is an increase of online users who have continued to connect with each other through social media and other devices.

Online reputation management services work by paying full attention to you or your brand’s online reputation, we do this by giving someone a responsibility of completely managing your online reputation for you. This just means that you can put your all concentration on your business without bothering about your online reputation since we have all the knowledge and are experts in this; we can restore and improve your brand’s image online without any struggle.

Choosing us can be the best decision one can ever make, you will not need to hire and pay an extra staff to take care of your online reputation management.

This is the cheapest and a more convenient way of taking care of your image online. This also means that you will be in a position to weaken your negative review by promoting more positive reviews, clients cannot engage themselves with companies they do not trust, and clients find it hard to trust a business with a lot of negative reviews. Why not give us this opportunity to help you turn this around, you will be able to see immediate results, you will be able to see more positive reviews and comments about your brand. It is important to note that online reputation management is a continuous process, it should not be done only once, that is why we are advising you to let us manage your online reputation for a minimum recommended period of nine months and you will not regret the day you let us do this for you, you will forever be grateful.

Search engine result improvement

Review sites and complaint sites can have negative effects on your business especially when they appear on the first page of a client’s of search engine results when he or she is looking for information related to your brand. If you happen to have such a problem, we are the perfect people to contact, we will use our expertise to attack this problem from every direction and use our tactics to remove the negative article from the search engine.

Content creation

With our fully experienced and diverse teams who have award-winning designers, developers and also editors, we can produce very credible, useful and professional content for you as our client. We ensure that the content we create is very unique and has not been copied from anywhere. We expertise in public relations, in social media and also engage in online advertising to make your branded search result strong, this quality content can, therefore, outdo the negative content that may appear.

Content promotion

After we have created a positive content for your website, we will go ahead and promote this positive content to be on Google’s first page. By doing this, this positive content will automatically push the negative content to maybe the second or third page where a few people will notice or even try to click. Our longtime experience has enabled has to know any existing content or new content that can rank first and stay topping for a very long time to protect the positive branding. We use some of the latest strategies like digital marketing, SEO and lastly semantic search to help you strengthen ones credibility with Google.


We have also developed a well-established tracking tool to help us monitor the response score of your company’s online reputation and also track the overall changes that take place over time.

Yelp & online review improvement

We have also gone an extra mile to develop a number of services that are able to help turn your bare yelp profile back into a nice and positive page that can now promote your brand’s online presence. Below is how we can improve your Yelp review;

Review removal

All we do is to invest our time in examining any possibility of flagging, we also check whether there has been a review of 2 stars or a 1 star because these ratings violate the yelp’s guidelines. If it comes to our knowledge that a specific review has violated the yelp’s guidelines, we directly create a very strong case for the removal of that review and lastly submit that case to the yelp team for them to review. One can only get one chance to be able to make n argument, and by using us since we have an advanced knowledge of the yelp, we can help you with the yelp review process and increase your chances of acquiring a removal.

Review defiltration

Many are the times when positive reviews have been filtered and therefore fail to appear on the yelp’s business profile. Our role is to come up with strategies to point out to yelp and bring to their knowledge that those reviews are very genuine and ought to be displayed at all cost. With our undying efforts, we can be in a position to pull out the filtered 5 stars rating so that they can be in a position to display on the main page and also find a chance to factor into the brand’s overall star rating.

We have also come up with some strategies for businesses to implement, hence encourage their satisfied customers to have that urge to leave genuine reviews and to bring to light the benefits of those services. many are the times when you will find a customer going online and only to leave a negative review, that is why coming up with a strategy to build positive review will help outdo these negative reviews.

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