How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing Your Business

“Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” – Brian Solis 2007

This is a powerful statement indeed which can be seen being shared on social media sites almost every day.

Ummm, well let’s try to amend it a little. (With no offense to Brian Solis)
“Social Media is all about an apt blend of sociology, psychology along with an innovatively utilized technology.”

Thinking about which social platform fits this definition best?

It’s none other than LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is emerging as a husky sales tool and is gaining immense popularity among the lead generation companies.

According to the keynote speaker, Amanda Johns Varden

“You are 70% more likely to get an appointment with someone on an unexpected sales call if you cite a common LinkedIn group than if you don’t.”

Join us as we investigate everything there is to think about using LinkedIn for

marketing your business and how you can apply some of the demonstrated techniques to your own business.

Tips For Using Your LinkedIn Profile For Marketing Your Business

1. Initiate By Creating Your Linkedin Profile

Your profile is your first impression. If you want to grow your business then, you need to create your LinkedIn profile first.

Your profile speaks about you, the people visit you at your profile and silently check your details. So, you have the opportunity to impress your viewers by your profile only. Your profile is the best path to connect with your viewers and update about your activities.

To remain active in your community, post actionable and knowledgeable status regularly. Ask questions to your viewers and solve their queries too.

All you need to effort is, make your profile impressive and loud by adding your achievements, your skills, a sample of work that is done by you.

Still waiting? Create your profile right now!!

2. Your Linkedin Company Page Should Be Effective

Here starts the great effort!

Just create or present your company page like you presented your profile. You don’t need to invest anything because creating the company page is absolutely free.

The Linkedin is a great social media platform for business professionals. If you want to grow your business and the social media is going to take you on the top.

Well, we were talking about your company page. Your company page should be full of opportunities so that more customers should know about your company. You are offered with the more tips for managing your Linkedin company page in an effective manner.

If you have already done the same then commence with the marketing by creating your business page.

Do it today only!

3. Define Your Goals And Your Audience

Defining your goals and your audience is really very important. The goals include: Raising brand awareness, generating leads, or the both.

Once, you define your goals that you want to accomplish, defining your audience becomes easy.

Let’s understand with the help of an example..!

Imagine! Your association sells the productivity tool for the social media professionals.

You want that social media pro should try for this one because if they use this tool and if they find it good. It’s likely that they would recommend this tool to others.

So, to fulfill this you need to spread awareness about your brand among LinkedIn members. For example; with job “ Social Media Manager” , “ Social Media Team Lead”, or the other title with the similar meaning. This is how to use Linkedin for marketing your business.

I guess you understand my point well. Let’s move on to the next.

4. Communicate With Your Linkedin Connections

When you discover drives, you need to send them customized messages. The most ideal approach to drop any dividers—and give yourself the most obvious opportunity with regards to making a deal.

The deal is to interface with somebody on whatever number individual levels as would be prudent.

Take a gander at their profile and discover:

  • Which organizations they’ve worked for before?
  • Which school they went to?
  • What gatherings they’re in, recorded interests? And,
  • Who your common associations are?

This is how To Use Linkedin For Marketing Your Business.

5. Create Events To Unite More People With Your Business

The events always help you to grow your business. Hosting an event helps to connect with more business professionals. Just remember more number of events is directly proportional to more number of professionals and that is for free.

In your events, you can solve the queries of your members,  remain more active in your Linkedin profile. This will help connect more number of members.

Your members will have trust in you. This is how to use Linkedin profile for marketing your business.

For more information on creating LinkedIn Events, check out this SlideShare on LinkedIn Events and Eventbrite.

6. Run an Advanced Search in Your Target Market

It’s so natural to create leads from LinkedIn. The propelled look work encourages you to connect with the correct individuals you’re following.

Essentially tap on “cutting edge” on the upper right half of your landing page alongside the hunt box. This will take you to a spotless page where you can enter anything you have to locate the correct lead you are looking for. You can seek by industry, catchphrases, organization, and title, to say a couple.

This is how to use Linkedin for marketing your business with the help of advanced search option.

7. Expand of Your Company Page

Expand your business by optimizing with your Linkedin profile. Start networking with the business professionals. Share your business ideas about your projects. In turn, you will get the good response as well as it’s going to build a relationship of trust with the other business professional.

This works like” Newton’s third law of motion” ; “ To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Therefore, if you help others to promote their business, they would definitely promote you in return.

So, this is going to help you promote your business and it’s going to expand your business as well.

So, learn to expand your business with the help of Linkedin.

8. Begin To Post Your Articles On LinkedIn

According to marketing professionals, the 31% of the individuals are impressed and influenced by the blog posts. So, one should post his articles related to their every small business and it makes a positive sense.

Blogging is a new concept of networking tool. It’s definitely going to build your credibility and more number of business professionals will connect with you.

These are going to share your material to their network.

9. Join Business Oriented Groups

Join business-oriented groups to promote your business.

Let’s see how!?

Identify the members and groups who are famous in your business industry.

Now, create guides, blog posts, how-to’s, and articles which are similar to that business group.

This method is fruitful as this strategy helps to:

  • Nail your brand, promote your product.
  • Helps to promote your business.
  • Also, build your own communities, groups, and people who are of interest of your business.

We are not through yet!

You have to remain active in your group, share your content, answer the queries of members of your group.

Magnetize your audience by doing the same. Yes, I know it takes time and demands lots of hard work, but if you want to achieve something you have to work hard for that.

Quite a justice?

Go for It!!

10. Sponsor Your Best Content

Let me explain you with the help of an example:

Imagine, that you have published something and the higher number of an audience has visited your update.

Then, you have one vital option with you..!

Scrutinize “Sponsoring” your content with the help of Sponsored content on Linkedin

Sponsoring the content is a fundamental advertising on Linkedin. With the help of this, you can do promotion of your content directly in the Linkedin feeds of the professionals.

This is how to use Linkedin for marketing your business by sponsoring your content.


A lot of people are scared of using LinkedIN since it’s a business website. They feel they need to be on their best behavior. But that is so not true!

LinkedIn is all about connecting with your customers. Presenting yourself in the most comfortable way possible. Now is your time to raise the bar.

So, make your LinkedIn PROFILE by defining your following goals:

  • Select your audience
  • Create your events
  • Sponsor your content
  • Seek the help of rich media, and
  • Make a rapport with your customers by sending them personal emails and messages.

Make LinkedIn your little black book!

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