How to Set up a Proper Remarketing Campaign for Success [updated]

Updated November 17, 2018 to include more information about Google AdWords Rebranding information.

Do you find that site’s visitors don’t buy and go away after checking out your products? Would you like to increase your site’s conversion by turning more visitors into clients and sales? If so, you should definitely make use of remarketing. Remarketing is not all about showing ads.

Let’s take a look at the steps to develop a remarketing strategy that works.

How Does Remarketing Work?

First of all, let’s get an understanding of how remarketing works. If a person has seen your product and hasn’t purchased it, he/she may forget about your online store over time.

The goal of remarketing is to show the exact product to potential client once again. By doing so, you’ll be able to remind your potential customers about your brand. It also makes a lot of sense for you to provide your prospects with small discounts for the products they are interested in.

Numerous studies have shown that remarketing works and provides effective results. The statistics shows that only 2% of site’s visitors choose to buy a product after checking out it for the first time.

On the other hand, 98% of sales are generated by a remarketing campaign. All of this means that remarketing works and provides effective results. It’s important to know that remarketing does a great job for different types of businesses.

Remarketing can be used to increase the awareness of your brand. That’s the reason why remarketing needs to be a part of your remarketing strategy.

Collecting Data for a Remarketing Strategy

Of course, you should do everything you can to make use of remarketing and sell more products on your website. In fact, you can take advantage of remarketing in a number of ways.

The big question is – how to capture data for a remarketing campaign. Below, we’ll help you get the answer to this very important question.

Analyze Products Left by Users in Cart

Have you noticed that a client has saved some products in a cart and left a site without making a purchase? In this case, you should certainly remind him/her about these products.

If a client hasn’t purchased your product after reminding, don’t fall into despair. The reality is a prospect may find it too expensive to buy you products. Offer a 15% off discount on the products he/she has left in a shopping cart. Such a strategy will help you convert more site’s visitors into customers.

Analyze the Actions of Users on Your Website Carefully

Let’s assume that a person has become interested in your product, but for some reasons he/she hasn’t reached the checkout stage. If so, you should definitely make use of remarketing. However, some preparation work still needs to be done.

Before to start remarketing a potential customer you need to collect some data. It’s a great idea to analyze pages that your potential customer has visited. This will help you figure out what type of products he/she wants to buy.

Have you noticed that a person has visited a certain category in your online store and then left a site without a purchase? In this case, you should advertise some of the best products available in this category when retargeting a client.

If this remarketing technique doesn’t work, then you should also provide a potential client with small discounts on products available in this category. As a result, a chance for success will increase dramatically.

Email Marketing Has to be a Part of Your Remarketing Campaign

The reality is email marketing can contribute greatly to your remarketing strategy. That’s why you should also build an email list and collect subscriptions on your website.

After that, you should focus on remarketing. It would be better for you to advertise the entire site when this type of a remarketing technique is used. Finally, more people will come back to your site and your site’s conversion is likely to increase dramatically.

Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Remarketing Strategy 

We’ve just described three ways of collecting data for a remarketing campaign. Actually, you can use each of these methods to collect data and prepare for a remarketing campaign in the best possible way. You can use all these 3 methods to get ready for remarketing. Below, we’ll give you more remarking tips to help you achieve the best possible results.

  1. Why Do Prospects Leave Your Site without a Purchase?

It’s crucial for you to know why people leave your site without making a purchase. Is it too expensive for a person to buy your products and he/she wants to get a discount? Or, maybe, a person is not ready to make a final decision yet? One way or another, you should do everything you can to understand your prospects. So, you’ll be able to figure out what exactly they need and what types of ads you should show to them.

  1. Advertise Products Effectively as You Remarket

It’s worth noting that only effective advertising works in remarketing. So, your job is to teach the software how to remarket prospects and show ads to them. Obviously, you shouldn’t overwhelm your prospects with advertising. In other words, the so called overloading impressions need to be avoided as you remarket. If you remind your potential clients of your product frequently, then you are likely to annoy them over time. It’s recommended to show ads no more than 2 times a day.

  1. Make Use of Google’s and Facebook’s Pixels

Google as well as Facebook have remarketing codes that make it easy for you to collect the data for your remarketing campaign. And of course, you should install these codes on your website. Then, you’ll find it easy to remarket your prospects.

  1. Show the Ads in the Right Place

There are different types of remarketing ads – Google Adwords ads, video ads as well as email list remarketing. You need to decide what type of remarketing ads your potential customers are likely to be happy to see. Then, you have to show the right type of ads to the target audience.

  1. Add a Call to Action to Advertising

No matter what type of ads you’ve decided to use for remarketing, you should always add a call to action to ads. There are different types of calls to action such as “Buy now”, “Complete purchase”, “Click here to buy” and others. And of course, buttons should direct visitors to the right pages on your website. Without a doubt, calls to action will stimulate your prospects to buy your products and positively affect your site’s conversion.

Google AdWords Rebranding

It’s no surprise that a lot of people from all different parts of the world choose to use Google to find products, services as well as the necessary information online.

It’s important to know that the number of Google searchers is constantly growing. That’s the reason why it’s hard to imagine business promotion without Google these days.

Are you a business owner or, maybe, you are an online marketing expert? One way or another, you’ll have to deal with Google advertising products. Your job is to make it easy for your prospects and potential customers to find your business in Google search engine.

We all know that there are only two ways to promote a business in Google search engine.

You can take advantage of either search engine optimization or Google AdWords.

It’s important to note that search engine optimization is a time-consuming process. So, it may take you 2 – 6 months to promote your business in Google search efficiently.

However, once your website begins to rank high for the target keywords you’ll be able to get high amounts of traffic for FREE. In the long term, search engine optimization is likely to provide you with high return on investment.

If you would like to promote your business in Google quickly, then you should definitely take a closer look at Google AdWords.

It’s a paid form of advertising. With this type of online advertising tool, you’ll be able to get high amounts of search traffic.

But most importantly, you’ll begin to get search traffic to your website immediately after your Google AdWords advertising campaign has been launched.

Keep in mind that Google AdWords and search engine optimization can work together very well. In this case, Google AdWords will become a good addition to your search engine promotion strategy.

Also, you may find it difficult to promote your business site efficiently for high competition keywords. If this is the case, Google AdWords will become a good alternative to search engine optimization.

Google is Planning to Rebrand Its Advertising Product

It’s worth noting that Google constantly changes its search algorithm and advertising products.

We have a piece of news for you! Google’s ad products are going to be rebranded very soon. So, the big question is – what should we expect from Google AdWords in the nearest future?

Below, we’ll try to provide the answer to this very important question.

Google has recently made an announcement about its rebranding plans.

The reality is the company is going to rebrand all of its advertising products in the nearest future.

It’s worth noting that Google has already developed a lot of advertising products in the recent years.

Obviously, it can be difficult for business owners and online marketers to figure out what type of ad product they actually need. That’s the reason why the company has decided to do rebranding.

Google AdWords is known for being the number 1 advertising product from Google. If you choose to take advantage of this search engine advertising technique, you’ll be able to promote your business on the first page of search results.

On the other hand, you need to know that the advertising product is constantly evolving and is getting smarter. Google AdWords has changed significantly. It’s clear that Google AdWords is not just about using the right keywords anymore. Today, people can use video as well as display and shopping ads to promote their businesses with Google AdWords.

How Google’s Advertising Products Have Been Changed?

Google AdWords has been divided into three different products. That means that Google AdWords will consist of 1) Google Ads, 2) Google Marketing Platform as well as 3) Google Ad Manager.

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that the functionality of Google AdWords is not going to be changed.

However, the company is planning to release the new type of advertising product – Smart Campaigns.

This tool will be designed to make it easy for small businesses to create an advertising campaign.

Enterprise marketing teams will get an opportunity to take advantage of the so called Google Marketing Platform very soon. The goal of the platform is to bring together two solutions – DoubleClick advertiser products as well as Google Analytics 360.

DoubleClick advertiser products offer an easy way to promote businesses online. Google Analytics 360 provides all the necessary tools for web stats analysis.

Above all, the company has announced about its plans to release the new solution – Display & Video 360.

Obviously, this advertising product will provide advertisers with better analytics.

With the unified programmatic platform such as Google Ad Manager, you’ll definitely find it easy to monetize content on your website.

The platform is going to combine online solutions like DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

A lot of people are eager to know when all of these changes will happen.

It’s expected that Google AdWords will be updated within the next month.

As it was mentioned above, the platform’s functionality would be the same.

However, some online marketing experts believe that Google can make additional announcements during the rebranding process.

Do you need help with Google Adwords? If so, contact us today. Our online marketing experts are always ready to provide cost effective advertising solutions for any of your business needs. Best of luck! 

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