How to Rank Your Google Maps Business Listing

How To Rank Your Google Maps Business Listing

Google Maps are one of the most critical factors regarding local search results. If your business profile SEO is not up to scratch locally, you may struggle to find customers in your region. This is detrimental to your income and a disservice to your business name as well.

There isn’t one company in the world that doesn’t like to have their business profile on Google Maps Listings. If your business name is on Google Maps search results, there is a better chance of appearing on your local rankings.

You can use your Google Business Profile to target your local market and ensure that you appear on the local Google searches. Optimizing your Google Business listing may lead you to rank on Google Maps, but you should ask yourself, “How do I rank higher on Google Maps?”

There is massive competition between local business profiles and where they want to appear on Google’s business page listings. This is because the business profile listings that get onto the regional top three in the box get the most visitors, hence more conversions and website traffic.

In this article, we will discuss factors to help to rank your business profile on Google Maps and how to show your business address on the local search results homepage.

How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking

Google My Business Ranking

One of the primary reasons people want to start ranking higher on Google Business is to create awareness regarding their business profile. You can utilize many strategies so that Google moves your company to the top of the local listings, and you get more customers.

When a user performs a relevant search, Google Places shows them all the businesses nearby that meet their search requirements. The Google Places box will be displayed on the right side of the local search results when using a desktop computer. On the other hand, if you are browsing with a mobile device, you will notice the section on the top of the local listing business page.

Ranking on Google Maps and optimizing your Google My Business is the way forward for local businesses to increase consumer awareness with free tools.

Another thing you should consider is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as it can help you get your business to the top of the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If you don’t already know, any page outside of Google’s first pages is generally where no one gets any clicks.

The same rules apply to ranking on Google My Business and the sought-after Google Maps Pack if you have a Google Business Profile. If your company is ranked high, there is a significant chance there will be a lot of traffic driven to your shop, store, business reviews, published posts, or website.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile is robust and straightforward; it sends plenty of customers your way once configured.

The more trustworthy and authoritative you become, the better you rank with your business profile listing. Your Google Business Profile will impact its target audience the more trust you gain online.

Previously, we mentioned that adding your business to Google Maps and creating a Google My Business account does not require that you own a website. However, it is essential to remember that having a business website can benefit you considerably in the long run.

Understanding Google Places ranking factors and Google My Business SEO is crucial if you want to know how to appear in Google Maps. We hope you follow this article to educate yourself on improving your Google Maps and Business Profile ranking through optimization.

Why You Should Rank Higher on Google Maps Pack

Google Map Pack Ranking

You must grab one of the top three spots on the Google Maps listing if you own a business that sells services and products to your local audience. When your business appears in the top three positions of the Maps Pack, you will get more online exposure and conversions, phone calls, site visits, direct messaging, and signups.

Say, for example, you own a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio; you will get more patrons if you rank in the top three for that region’s Google local search results.

When the locals of Columbus search for “restaurants near me,” your business profile will be displayed at the page top. Back in the day, Googled used to feature a top seven local listings in the Google Maps Business Listing Pack. However, these days, the algorithm picks only three that best fit the related search engine query. You must click on the more results option to see more small businesses.

In order to obtain high traffic inflow, more relevancy, better credibility, and maximum exposure, your business must be shown in the top three locations of the Google listing results.

Although there are many factors, specific elements can directly affect your Google Maps and Business Profile rankings.

Three Factors That Are Vital for Local SEO

  • Citations and NAPs (Name, business address, and business phone number)
  • On page relevance (especially when it comes to business description)
  • Reviews

Since most users now use “near me” queries on Google Maps to find local companies, being placed in the first three spots of the Google Map Pack Page could help you benefit significantly from the local area.

Here are some of the primary benefits of ranking your business name on the top three positions of Google Maps on desktops and mobile devices.

The Key Advantages of Getting Ranked on the Google Maps Pack with a Free Business Profile

Free Google Business Profile


  • Buyers can take immediate action from the listing itself in a few clicks since Google Maps results are interactive. They can book reservations and make direct phone calls instantly. Therefore, you will get better conversions by ranking higher on Google’s local intent listings.
  • It has now been witnessed that people are now making quick purchase choices based on the online reputations of the business, credibility scores, business hours, and up-to-date customer reviews.
  • Around 30% of Google Maps local searches generally result in a purchase, as reported by Google Support.
  • Over 80% of consumers who search for any local business on Google Maps pay that business a visit within 24 to 48 hours.

Determining the Google Map Ranking

Google Map Ranking

It’s a well-known fact that Google Maps results are mainly based on the searcher’s current location and primary category. Therefore, two key factors could influence your company’s ranking on the Google Maps listings. Below we discuss these two factors so that you have a better understanding of the subjects:

Visibility and Credibility

If you want to appear on the top of the search results in the Google Maps Pack, you will need to make sure that your business has higher credibility.

There are plenty of factors that could influence your free business profile on the Google Maps local search results page. These can include social media tags from other influencers, guest posts on prominent websites, verified Google accounts, or mentions on social media.

In addition to this, including citations on local directories could also play a significant role in boosting your business ranking in your service area.

Positive Reviews

Google takes proper account of your business’s positive reviews and negative reviews to determine where you will be ranked on Google’s local results. If you respond to reviews, it will lead to more conversions, higher ROIs, and enhance your company’s credibility.

How to Rank on Google Maps

How to rank in Google Maps - January 2022No matter what you think, it is a fact that getting your company to appear on the SERP can potentially increase web traffic to your website or online store. The same goes for getting your business ranked on the top three positions of the Google Maps listing drop-down menu.

If you want to enhance your conversions and increase customer traffic to your business store, getting your SEO up to date may be good. Putting your company on Google Maps allows your business to get better online reach.

More people will visit your company’s store when you include your directions in the Google Maps listings. You will also start seeing more conversions and a boost in your organic search results.

If you wonder how to get listed on Google or rank higher on Google Maps, you should follow three required steps to get your business featured in the top three spots.

How Google Business WorksHow Does Google Business Work?

Claiming your business on Google Maps and opening a Google My Business account is the key to doing local SEO for your business. Once you have selected the right category and filled in all your information, Google will confirm your company by sending you a postcard to the same address you shared in the Google Maps listing.

You must enter the secret verification PIN inside when you receive the postcard. After the pin has been inserted, you move to the next step of completing your Google My Business verification process.

People can also opt for options such as instant verifications, phone verifications, and email verifications to finish their company verification if they are looking for slight variation.

Claiming ownership of your business requires that you complete the verification process. You can change other details in the business listing once your account is approved. It is good to look into the account regularly to check the total impressions, subscribers, and clicks received for your business listing.

Frequent activities and interactions on your Google My Business listing show that your company is worth showcasing on the Google Maps Pack. However, local SEO requires a lot more than just listing a business in Google My Business for you to optimize it correctly. You have to publish posts with off-page and on-page SEO too!

How To Rank Higher in Google MapHow Do I Rank Higher on Google Maps?

It is proven that getting your business into the top three positions on Google Maps can make your company highly profitable and is beneficial for you and your prospective customers.

In addition to this, the top Google My Business rankings also act as a key performance indicator for your customer and other online users because people search for local results.

Tips to Rank Business on Google Maps

Earlier, it was industry domains, prominence, proximity, and relevance that used to be the basis for Google Maps ranking. However, Google is changing it up and considering several other aspects to help customers find what they want.

Google has assisted medium and small-sized industries in their service area. If Google hadn’t gotten these companies involved, it might have been dominated by well-established large-budget businesses.

Verify Google My Business Listing

It is crucial to verify your business listing in Google because it doesn’t display your company website on Google Maps until authenticated. You need to be meticulous with this and verify every category you have mentioned on Google. The more authority you show, the better your Google My Business ranking will become.

Ensure that you update everything about your company in the business listings. You can also add the below features if you want to supply more relevant information about your company:

Business Operation Times

Updating your business and special hours can gather valuable prospective clients from the SERP. With this information, customers can track working hours to visit businesses during the correct times.

Update Website Address and Contact Information

Google boosts businesses that verify with it and provide complete company information. That is why it’s essential to manage your credentials like website address, physical address, and telephone number.

Without this information, Google cannot assist users because it does not have accurate information on the business.

Avoid Matching and Inept Business Information

Google is stringent for companies having multiple listings for a single business location or providing duplicate information. Ensure to update the precise data on Google Maps and put aside redundant information to get considered for the ranking.

Get Your Business Profile on the Google Search Results

Appearing on the Google search results is imperative if you want new customers and more customers to find your company. Search engines will display your business profile if you consistently market your business address and update your Google Maps business listings accordingly.

We hope this article has been insightful and has provided you with some information to boost your business profile and get the result you want from your business.