How To Promote Yourself Online Without Spending Money

Do you want to promote yourself online without spending money?

Well, you’re in right place. I’m going to show you some methods where can promote yourself or your business online without spending money. There are many ways you may advertise for free, but you’re going to have to invest some of your time and energy. If you are willing to do that, you will find that there are tons of ways you can do this without spending money.

Follow these basic instructions and maybe one day you’ll become famous online:

1. Create a website

First of all, you should create a blog of yourself. Check out of the various free hosting sites that offer free blogging like, and many more. They also provide you with a free subdomain name so you don’t have to purchase a domain name. You should post regularly to make create you reputation online. What to blog about? Hobbies, things you like, watch, do on a regular basis. Think of it as a journal and over time, you will find your voice and style. It’s also helpful because you can reference back on ideas you might have had at one time. Some writers use blogs to work out ideas over time, only to revisit later and compile working drafts for short stories or novels. If that’s the case, being that you are on a blog, you can get feedback from friends and followers, letting you know if you are going in the right direction or not.

Social Media Marketing

The most important and best method of marketing is social media marketing. You should learn to use these sites effectively. You should communicate in a positive way and be informative, writing about things going on in your life. This can become a platform for you to demonstrate your knowledge by discuss it on these social media sites.

Check out this article on the The Top 10 Social Media Influencers of 2018 for some fresh ideas.

There are so many social media sites to choose from that people from all over the world use, so you have a great chance to promote yourself this way.

First off,  you have to create a fan page on these sites and work to gain followers by posting good content and then connecting, whether through friend requests, groups or communities, just depending on what each offers. Connect all of your accounts to each other to increase the traffic.

Contribute to blog posts that are related to what you like to talk about. Consider using YouTube for your promotion by a video of yourself.


Timing is everything. It’s a biggest chance to promote when your friends share your posts. So you should know the time when your friends are online to share your posts. And you should send out the information when most of your friends are online and have time to share your posts.

Post ads on free sites

Many of the websites allow you to post an ad on their website for free, just keep in mind that you may have competition so make sure your message is clear and attention getting.


Consider all of the different ways you can engage people through: pictures, videos and audio. If possible, use some or all of these media techniques and see what works best for you and your message. Are you more comfortable just blogging and writing or do you like being in front of the camera? Do you have a golden voice? Start a podcast!

Search Engines

Try to get yourself or your blog listed in top of the search engine rankings. There are many techniques that are helpful to this but ranking for your name or unique channel name should be pretty easy, unless you have a common name or title. Make sure what ever you use, you use throughout your blog or media. With repetition, the search engines will pick you up and get you ranked appropriately.

Be Honest

Don’t write or shoot videos to appeal to the masses, do them because they interest you. Look at gossip writer Perez Hilton. He became famous for talking trash about celebrities. He didn’t follow the norm and became widely popular. Be honest with yourself and the feeling you have and chances are you will get more attention for it.

Build a network of people who support your thoughts

As you meet people, connect and communicate with them. Don’t be swayed by the different types of feedback you might get. If people are telling you your spelling is terrible, work on it, but if their points of view don’t mesh with your’s consider it a compliment that you were able to get someone to at least read a different point of view. Just don’t get brought down by negative people. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive people will make what you are doing more fun and enjoyable. The positive people in your network can help you with your ideas and find new opportunities.

Don’t underestimate your talent

There is so much to be said for raw talent. If you plan to promote yourself in a niche, explot that niche and show everyone how great you are in it. Show off a little!

Make sure that you are building a strong portfolio and communicate with the right individuals, building enduring relationships with individuals who can both help and show you (and additionally benefit by your help and educating), and verify you’re promoting your best abilities. Everybody in the world will not get success, however rather you’ll stand a good chance in case you are ready to lock in, hustle, and do the diligent work needed to make your thoughts come to life.