How To Find The Best Instagram Hashtags & Track Analytics

In this video, I will share with you some ways that you can take your Instagram account and find better hashtags for your posts, get better analytic data on your account and spy on your competitors.


Hey there, Keith Hearn, Finepoint Design. Just wanted to go through some ways that you can enhance your Instagramming and the posts that you make. A couple different ways. A lot of people just post on there. Some people do post with comments, some people do post with hashtags. Finding hashtags is sometimes very difficult to do or try to think of sometimes, especially when you’re dealing with random subject matter or things that are not trending or that you’re seeing other people doing.

So, sometimes this comes up when you’re dealing with clients’ information or again, just topics that you’re not really familiar with. So, I want to run through a couple different ways to both find cool hashtags for you, proper ones, ones that are trending, as well as, ways that you can actually track your account or your client’s account or just kind of spy on other accounts.

So, let’s start here with This is a great website to generate hashtags based on just an idea or word that you have. So, NFL season just started. So, if I just type in, let’s just say, NFL as the key word. What I can do is I can choose either the top hashtags that have been used that are around this word. It can create random ones or create live ones.

Let’s go ahead and just say generate the top ones. It just takes a couple of seconds for it to go through Instagram and pull up the results. And what it does over here in the left hand sides is the best 30 NFL hashtags and it comes up with these right here. So, what you can do is you can copy these, maybe save them to a Google doc or some kind of a document that is in the cloud that can sync with your phone. So, that way when you go to your phone to post on Instagram, you can copy and paste those right over.

You don’t have to type all those out. Kind of a good rule of thumb is the way that Instagram has changed over the past year or so. They do allow up to 30 hashtags, but I would probably not put more than maybe three to five of the best ones in there, into your posts. I know they are starting to kind of ding accounts for having too many hashtags. So, try to just use the best ones that really apply to what you’re doing. And it’s was going to get you the best results there. Now, you can go into more hashtags if you’re still looking for more, you’re not liking the ones that it gives you here. Maybe try to be a little bit more specific with the word that you put in up here. But again, otherwise there are more options down here.

So, another cool option here is Seekmetrics, all one word, .com. And this way you can get a little bit more detailed information on the keywords that you’re looking for. So, to kind of follow suit here. I’ll just continue with NFL as the hashtag. And here we can see that it gives us a whole bunch of hashtags, probably a lot of the same ones that the other website did. But we can see how many times it’s being used up here.

So, we can see like how important it is or where you’re going to fall within the number of people searching for this. So, maybe put something very bizarre in there. You may see it’s only getting a couple uses. So, maybe it’s not the best hashtag to use. Or maybe it’s something that you want to use specific to you and start trending that hashtag yourself. So again, like with the other website, you can choose which hashtags you want to keep, copy to the clipboard. And then again, save it to Google docs or somewhere you can access this from your phone.

Now, not to keep showing different hashtag generators here. But this one’s kind of unique and I thought it was kind of cool. This one actually creates hashtags based on a photo. So, if you have a photo and you’re like, “I have no idea what hashtags to use for this.” This may be kind of a cool idea. It’s called And within there they’ve got tools and Instagram hashtags. You’ll find it once you go to the website here.

So, what I can do is go find an image, just on my desktop. I saved this one here. If I take a quick look at it. This is a couple of jet skis at a dock, on a Lake outside, so it’s kind of in nature. So, I’m going to open that one up. And I’m going to upload and generate hashtags. Clicking on that button there. Now, just takes a couple of seconds here. And although it may not be the most accurate, it still comes up with some ideas that are really close.

And again, this may give you some ideas that will help with you. So, again, we can see the color green, sea, pick of the day, clouds. So, it’s pulling in all that stuff that it’s seen in the photo, water. Whole bunch of options here based around water. And again, I kind of see the metrics on it, how many times that hashtags being used. So, just like as I click on these here, you can see that they populate over here. I can copy those hashtags and put them into my online file.

All right, so the last thing I want to show you is cool. So, we’ve got all these photos and we’ve got hashtags and descriptions and things going in our Instagram account. But let’s actually find a way to track that information and get a little more information on that. So again, to continue on with our little football trend here. I’m going to type in analytics for Detroit Lions NFL.

Actually you know what? I’m not going to put it down there. I’m going to put it up here because if you see you go to you can see that they’ve got a whole bunch of different accounts that you can track the information on. For this case, I just want to go to Instagram right now and look at the Instagram account for Detroit Lions NFL. And you can see that pulls in their website or excuse me, their website, their Instagram page.

And you can see all the different information that they have, the different analytics here. And if I scroll down, you can see, Oh, look at this. They’ve got, over the last probably two weeks or so here, you can see that they’ve on a daily basis head between 150 and 250, getting close to 300, almost 400 on this day over here. And how many they have. So, everything’s looking really good with them.

This may be a good metric to show your client if you’re a managing their Instagram page. Or to report back to your board or whoever’s within your company to show that your internal rankings and how that’s changing. Again, they’re actually grading their information on here, on engagement and following rank, which is awesome. We can see line graphs of how things are going over the last week. So again, uploads, following, the followers. All the information that you need right there.

So again, check out It’s totally free. I don’t have access to the Detroit Lions Instagram account, but you can type in anybody’s Instagram account into here. I have noticed sometimes that accounts that I put into there don’t show up for some reason. But for the most part, I’ve had pretty good success. So, if nothing else, you can use this to spy on your competitors. And see kind of what they’re doing and how well they’re doing. And compare it to your own information.

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