How Quora Can Boost Your SEO

In the world of internet marketing, having an excellent content, product or service to offer won’t worth anything if nobody sees it. That’s why all owners of websites or e-commerce companies must come up with original ideas that improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as an organic way to appear in the first results of a Google Search.

Increasing your visibility on the internet by providing high-quality content that is useful for the reader will place you as an authority and a trustable reference of your field.

Social Networks have been a vital piece in this matter; most of the business owners put their efforts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to apply their marketing strategies. However, there are many other affordable ways to get to the same goal. The Quora Marketing is becoming the secret weapon for this work, knowing that it’s less competitive than the major social networks, for which your opportunities to be seen are higher.

Is Quora the hidden gem you can use to improve your SEO?

What is Quora?

Quora is an online service where people can ask questions about different topics and receive answers from the community. It’s actually very simple and the platform counts nowadays with more than 100 million of users where entrepreneurs and politicians have taken part of it answering questions.

This site allows the creation of customized pages to obtain answers to different topics; you couldn’t imagine that people are discussing through Quora more than 500.000 subjects right now.

What makes Quora trustable?

Unlike other Q&A services, Quora counts with the help of editors who read and control all the messages to maintain the quality. It includes options to vote for the bests and worst answers. It’s a way to “clean” the platform from people who make offensive or silly publications.

Quora makes sure to have trustable content on its page because every user must provide its real name with a brief description of why are they trained to answer questions of a specific field.

Taking Advantages of Quora to boost your SEO:

You could be wondering how Quora can possibly be related to the growth of a website or an online business. We can highlight three main advantages:

  • It helps you to know advice and experiences of experts to find solutions to different business issues.
  • You can enhance your online presence as an enterprise or a professional. See Quora as a platform to create trust and support your path as an expert in a specific industry.
  • Build your professional or personal brand as Quora let users show their knowledge in different areas by answering others’ questions.

The power of Quora for online business is based on the exchange of quality content that adds value to a specific audience. For instance, if you have an online store selling sports equipment, you can adapt your account by choosing topics related to the categories in your store. In this manner, you will work hard to share valuable information that helps others in these fields.

Being on the internet, as a leader in your field, won’t only give you recognition but also can drive sales and valuable contacts. If you make an outstanding job with your answers, people can share them on other sites and social networks, which will increase the traffic on your website.

6 Steps to use Quora for SEO:

  1. Create a good profile to increase your visibility

Every time someone publishes an answer, Quora shows a little bio of the user. Don’t worry because you can adjust it to different topics and add some links. This little text is a big element to enhance your brand, so write something professional and short, trying to mention your brand in the first words.  Don’t forget to create a professional profile too where you can add detailed information like social networks, websites, images, etc.

  1. Quality answers are the key!

Once you explore and start to know the platform, read the questions and answers of topics you are interested too, you can follow people, vote some answers and start participating.

Quality often means readability, so make sure your answers aren’t a mess and they follow a nice structure; add an interesting title, bullet points, images, videos, links to your site and bold sentences to make it friendlier and affordable to the sight.

  1. Develop a strategy to win reputation!

Start by answering non-popular but similar questions to increase your chances to be read, voted and clicked on the links you provide. If you want to try with the bigger questions, consider that you will need to do more research to prepare an outstanding content that can be noted between bunches of other answers.

Don’t forget to promote every answer in the social channels of your brand. In this way, your audience will realize that you are establishing a direct communication with them. This will place you as an authority and a point of reference for the topic you handle.

  1. Don’t be spammy!

The key to building a good reputation in Quora is answering important questions that you can actually dominate, so don’t be hurry to promote your brand in every answer nor write poor content with backlinks to your site. Remember this is about adding valuable content to help the community.

  1. Get ideas for your content:

Quora is a great source of content for your Blog because you can easily see what people are asking about determinate topics. You can answer the most popular questions on your website and turn on notifications to follow new questions about the same topic in real time.

In addition, you can also analyze the most popular answers to find keywords that you might never imagine they were related to a certain topic. This will be a mine of original ideas to develop in your own page.

  1. Promote your existent content:

If you already have a blog on your website where you think you have the answer to a Quora question, take the opportunity to place part of this content on the platform. Remember that one of the purposes of using Quora is increasing the traffic of your website, so don’t include all the information to give the reader a reason to click on your blog post link and obtain a detailed content.

Remember that none good reputation was built in one day. Placing your Quora profile as a trustable one may take some time. However, it’s a work of constancy where you need to be updated and active; answer new questions, write a question to open a debate in a certain topic, make daily research to have more knowledge to share on this platform and connect with influencers in your industry that might promote your products or services!

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash