FAQFrequently Asked Questions

What does a digital marketing agency do?

Our digital marketing agency consists of digital marketers and consultants who create effective strategies and/or implement programs. With the help of valuable content and strategies created based on raw data, we help you analyze how to market your product and services effectively across various online channels.

Any business not advertising or doing some form of online marketing will eventually be overtaken by those that do online marketing. By having a presence on the web, social media and in print, you keep your company top of mind to those you’ve worked with in the past and in front of potential new customers.

With the help of Google Analytics, which is a free web analytics tool provided by Google, you can gain valuable insights into interactions users have with your website. You can use it to track your ROI for online marketing and make informed decisions based on relevant and important metrics.

Here is more information on Google Analytics

You can leverage your data to gain insights about what your customers want and create your brand’s marketing strategies accordingly. Understanding the who, what, when and where aspect of things can allow you to create more dedicated marketing strategies.

Programs that allow you to pay for performance based on leads, clicks and sales fall under the category of performance marketing. At the end of the day, measurable conversions are what truly matter. With performance marketing, you can effortlessly track conversion rates and more.

The ability to track a buyer’s journey from the first interaction to the purchase of your services can prove to be beneficial for your business. Unlike billboards where you cannot directly track the performance of your ad dollars, a marketing funnel lets you know exactly what is working and not working, so you can track the probability of increases and decreases in sales as each step comes nearer.

There are over 200 ranking factors Google uses to rank a website. Having relevance and authority are important, but they can often be categorized as inconsistent factors. The truth is, it can vary depending on what you are trying to get to rank and what the competition is like. The best way to rank high on search engines is to create the most reliable and informative website as possible with the right SEO keyword infusion so your demographic can find you.

The majority of online traffic doesn’t function through maps, it functions through the use of targeted keywords. Think like a buyer and analyze the keywords you’d type into Google to find what you need, those are SEO keywords and when used the right way, can prove to be highly beneficial for your website.