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Let’s Talk About Your Business

We can help show you a roadmap for your business that will lead to more organic traffic and sales. Featuring an industry-first “Local Business Sprints”, we help you save money and only pay for the work you need to achieve your goals. We will discuss more on how our Local Business Sprints can give you maximum benefit with minimal cost.

What to expect from our call

Here’s what we’ll cover during the 30-minute consultation.

Website Health

Website Health

An overall review to assess your website's current performance.

Areas Of Improvement

Areas of Improvement

What to change to correct any roadblocks standing in your path.

Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunities

"Low hanging fruit" that you can attack right away for results.

Campaign Scope

Deliverables Needed

Mapping our "sprints" to the needs of your site.

Deliverables Needed

Campaign Scope

The exact tactics you need to focus on to increase traffic.


Expected Results

A realistic scope of how long it will take to meet your goals.

Our Local Business sprints are a focused, condensed effort to tackle each major pillar of a local SEO campaign. Instead of taking months to complete tasks, we ‘sprint’ out the work in a short timeframe so you get the exact work your business needs at that time.

There are NO contracts. Each sprint is completed within a matter of weeks, so there’s no need for long-term contracts.

Correct, each local business sprint is completed as a standalone service, but some companies hire us for multiple sprints throughout the year. For example, the “Check-up/Tune-Up” sprint is usually completed 2 – 4 times per year to ensure enough content is being created.

The number of local business sprints you’ll need will depend on your current situation, performance and your budget. Most clients use us for 5 – 6 sprints per year. During our consultation call, we will tell you exactly how many sprints we recommend undertaking.

We charge you a 1 time fee based on the number of URLs on your website. The more URLs, the larger the effort, the higher the price per sprint.