The Power of Facebook’s New Online Events Tool

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According to the data provided in the recent Facebook report, over 51% of companies choose to deal with their prospects and customers online more often than before.

The statistics also show that more than 36% of small companies, which use online tools to market their businesses, sell their products or services through the Internet only.

It’s also important to note that 35% of companies, which have made changes to their business strategies, get online payments more frequently these days.

I believe that these numbers will increase in the nearest future. So, businesses have to do every single thing possible to increase their online presence.

Obviously, more and more businesses need to go online today. Even some offline businesses choose to go online. It’s worth noting that the help of online tools is immeasurable in the business promotion process.

Today, I am going to tell you about one of these marketing tools. Facebook online events tool has become an effective solution for business owners, who need to organize events frequently.

Facebook online events tool will allow you to earn money on paid online events. Without a doubt, such an online events tool will contribute greatly to your business success. Read on to learn more about this magnificent tool.

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The Main Idea Behind Facebook Online Events Tool

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of challenges for businesses. So, many businesses have to make changes to their marketing strategies and offer their products or services in a different way.

Nowadays, so many businesses are obviously focused on online promotion. They have to create different types of online events to sell their products or services and attract the right type of audience to their business.

Facebook online event tool has been launched recently. The tool was created to help small businesses overcome various challenges that have been caused by COVID-19.

It’s pretty clear that the outbreak of coronavirus has made it impossible to hold the events offline. So, many businesses have to bring their events and services online these days.

A lot of people around the world have to work from home. More and more people give a preference to online purchases as well.

Business owners have to deal with their existing customers and new ones online rather than physically.

It’s worth noting that the coronavirus pandemic has a profound negative impact on the events. Unfortunately, the vast majority of offline events have been canceled due to COVID-19.

During the outbreak of coronavirus, many events are held online. Zoom and other online communication platforms are widely used to hold events online these days. These types of online platforms are highly demanded and they are constantly gaining in popularity.

Facebook has reacted to the situation around coronavirus quickly and provided business owners with a FREE online events tool.

The tool can be used to create, promote, host and monetize online classes and other types of online events on Facebook.

FREE online events tool has been designed to make it easy for small business owners to offer paid online events and make money on Facebook.

The tool provides online event creators with the following features:

  • Features for creating and hosting events
  • Event promotion solutions
  • Ticket sales feature
  • Payment processing

Facebook online events tool has been developed with online course creators and educators in mind. With this type of an online tool, you’ll find it easy to create paid online classes and other types of paid online events.

First and foremost, you have to create an interesting online event. Then, you have to promote your event and attract the target audience to it.

At this stage, you have to invite as many people to your event as it’s possible. People will have to pay for an event to be able to participate in it online. If an event is successful, you’ll manage to increase your ticket sales as well as profits significantly.

Online marketers can also benefit from Facebook online events tool. Let’s say that a marketer wants to promote a business.

The question is – how to use Facebook Online Events Tool for marketing purposes? Now, it’s time to get the answer!

First of all, let’s try to figure out how Facebook online events tool works. Now, let’s dig deeper into the tool.

Step 1. Initially, you have to use the tool to create the event on Facebook.

Step 2. When the event is ready, you have to promote it. You can either promote your event among Facebook followers or take advantage of Facebook Ads.

Step 3. Finally, your job is to monetize the online event. In order to start collecting the payments from an online event, you have to connect your Facebook account to your bank account.

The reality is, creating and promoting Facebook online events tool has many great marketing benefits. What is great about the tool is that it allows marketers to create custom audiences.

If you create an event that’s related to your business, its attendees will most likely be interested in your products or services. So, the event will allow you to build the right target audience for your business.

Why Your Business Needs Online Events

Different types of businesses can benefit from online events. It’s important to note that a business can benefit from online events in a number of different ways.

Now, I’ll give you a couple of examples.

Online classes. Do you run an educational business that specializes in books, courses, etc? Do you run seminars? Would you like to share your cooking experience with others? Or, maybe, you specialize in business training?

If so, you can offer online lessons to your customers. You can develop an online course that provides value to people and invite attendees to it. All that you need to do for this is to create a paid event and promote it successfully.

The fitness industry suffers a lot from the coronavirus outbreak. It’s no surprise that many people simply don’t want to visit fitness centers during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s also important to note that fitness centers can be closed in the areas which are worst hit by COVID-19. On the other hand, most of the fitness enthusiasts would agree to exercise at home.

It’s important to point out that Facebook online events can be successfully used to hold online yoga classes, online martial arts classes and other types of online fitness classes.

Obviously, paid online events will allow fitness instructors to continue doing their business and even expand their target audience. It’s pretty easy to do with Facebook online events tool. You have to create a paid online event, sell tickets, and get payments from your customers and finally, you have to hold an event. That’s it.

Online live concerts. Or, maybe, you have a music band? During the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll not be able to organize concerts. However, you shouldn’t fall into despair.

Luckily, a solution exists! With Facebook online events tool, you will find it easy to organize a live concert and promote it successfully online.

In this situation, you can schedule your event and start promoting it ahead of time. Bear in mind that Facebook has all the necessary features that you need to host an online live concert. You can even start selling tickets for your event ahead of time.

When holding an online concert, you’ll manage to benefit from Facebook online events tool in a number of different ways.

1) First and foremost, you’ll be able to make the impossible possible. In other words, you’ll get an opportunity to turn an offline concert into an online concert.

2) Second, holding an online concert will allow you to reach a large number of potential customers and sell more tickets for your event. Not only residents of your city will manage to participate in the event. People from different parts of the world will be able to attend the concert. As a result, your target audience will grow significantly.

3) Another big advantage is that you don’t have to go anywhere to hold a concert. If you make use of Facebook online events tool, you’ll be able to organize a concert in the city that you live. That means that you’ll be able to save your time and money on holding a concert.

4) You’ll find it easy to promote your online event on Facebook. If your music band is popular, then you are likely to have lots of fans on your band’s Facebook page.

All that you need to do is to create a post and publish an update on your Facebook page. You should inform your target audience when your event will be held and start selling tickets online. Plus, if you launch a Facebook ads campaign then you’ll manage to promote your online event more efficiently and reach even more customers.

5) Also, I would like to repeat that Facebook doesn’t collect any fees for its online event creation solution right now. So, businesses can use Facebook online events tool for FREE and get 100% revenue. It’s much cheaper to organize an online live concert than an offline concert. Therefore, you’ll manage to save a lot of money with the tool.                           

Expand your target audience. No matter what type of business you run, you should always aim to expand your target audience and reach a larger target market. Keep in mind that you’ll find it easy to accomplish this goal with Facebook online events tool.

Let’s assume that many people from all over the world can participate in your event. In this case, it would be better for you to turn your offline event into an online event. By doing so, you’ll manage to reach a new target audience.

No matter where your event’s participants are located, they’ll find it easy to attend your event and pay for it online. By doing so, you’ll manage to attract more people to your event and grow your audience significantly. Attendees will be able to participate in your online event during a travel, at work or even when they are on the go.

Save your time and money. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to create and promote an online event rather than an offline one.

It’s fair to say that organizing offline events is a time-consuming process. So, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money if you setup an online event instead of offline one.

Use Facebook Online Events Tool to Promote Your Business

Online events are a great way to promote a business. No matter what types of products or services you sell, you can always use online events to attract customer’s attention to your business.

It’s pretty easy to create events on Facebook. Nowadays, the platform comes with an effective online event tool. You can take advantage of this newly released tool to do the following:

  • Setup an online event
  • Set a price for your online event
  • Promote your online event
  • Get payments from attendees
  • Host an online event

Facebook online events tool is all-in-one solution for paid online events. With this type of tool, you’ll be able to do all the necessary things in one place.

For example, you can create interesting events which are relevant to your business. Publish the information about your event on your Facebook page or Instagram page.

It’s possible to invite the fans of your Facebook page to your event. You can also provide the information about your events in relevant Facebook groups.

As you probably know, the information about interesting events quickly spreads online. So, you’ll manage to attract a lot attention to a free event.

Obviously, the more people attend your event – the better. More people will come to your Facebook page and website to get familiar with your business, products and services.

It goes without saying that Facebook online event tool will contribute greatly to the success of your online business. You’ll be able to land a lot of new customers to your business and increase the awareness of your brand significantly. All of this will help you take your business to the next level.             

Use Facebook Online Events Tool to Create Paid Events

There are free and paid online events. If your event is very interesting and beneficial, then a lot of people would be happy to participate in such an event. In this case, it would be better to create a paid event.

Facebook online events tool has everything that you need to earn money on online events. For example, you can make use of Facebook Live tool to communicate with your customers and prospects.

But most importantly, the platform comes with the Facebook online events tool. The tool of this type has been designed to make it easy for everyone to create and promote paid events successfully. Plus, you can also get online payments from participants of the event.

Advertise Your Event on Facebook

It’s free to create and hold events on Facebook. However, there are free and paid methods to promote an event on the social media platform.

You can also make use of free advertising methods to promote your Facebook online event.

It makes a lot of sense to promote events on Facebook page. It’s worth noting that this advertising method is free. However, this type of Facebook promotion will help you get a lot of attention to your event and increase the number of its participants significantly.

Keep in mind that the word of mouth is an advertising technique that works very well for different types of events. So, a lot of Facebook followers will know about your online event if you promote it on your Facebook page.

Facebook Ads are also a great way to promote your event. However, you’ll have to pay for Facebook advertising. Using this method delivers multiple significant benefits to business owners.

  • Facebook ads allow business owners to promote an event fast and easy. You’ll reach people, who take an interest in your event, very quickly.
  • With Facebook ads, you’ll be able to inform a large number of people about your event. If you take advantage of Facebook ads, you’ll be able to put your online event’s advertising in front of the right people.
  • Get replies to your invitations. People, who are interested in your event, will get an opportunity to get your company’s news as well as important notifications about your business.
  • But most importantly, advertising your event on Facebook will help you land new clients and increase sales for your business significantly. Your event will help you attract new customers, who have just heard about your business, as well as people, who already know about your company.

Take Advantage of Facebook Live to Communicate with People during an Online Event

Facebook creates endless opportunities for people, who are interested in creating and promoting events for their business.

The platform makes it possible to create different types of online events. These include:

  • Online masterclasses
  • Online conferences
  • Online lessons
  • Online meetings
  • Online interviews
  • Online concerts
  • Online fitness classes
  • Online podcast recordings

This list could go on and on. Actually, you can create any type of online event for your business.

No matter what type of event you are going to create, online events will allow you to build and strengthen relationships with your target audience.

You will be able to attract a target audience for your business and interact with prospects. Online events allow business owners to achieve various marketing goals.

– You will manage to stay connected with your potential clients, existing customers, and subscribers. Facebook Live will contribute greatly to your online event. You will be able to create a new type of online events and interact with your target audience in an impressive way.

– You’ll find it easy to entertain your target audience with Facebook online events.

– Online events give you the perfect opportunity to educate your target audience. Facebook online events tool has everything that you need to create online educational events.

Online events can be used to educate your target audience in a number of different ways.

You can create different types of educational events like online courses, online training programs, etc.

– Online events will help you gain the trust of your target audience. People, who participate in your events, will begin to trust your business over time. Sooner or later, they will become your repeat customers.

Facebook Online Events Tool is FREE Now

Facebook has said that the tool is going to be FREE the next year. That means that no fees will be collected for using the tool. So, you’ll be able to explore the tool carefully and learn more about paid online events, tool’s features, etc.

Facebook online events tool is going to be FREE until August 2021. Right now, the company gives people a chance to test the online events tool and see how it works. This situation is likely to go on until the tool increases its client base.

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of using Facebook video content as well as live-streaming videos in business promotion strategies.

The reality is, great Facebook video content and live-streaming content works very well for different types of businesses. That’s the reason why this type of content has to be a part of your online marketing strategy. So, it makes a lot of sense to create online classes and other types of online events for consumers.

As I have already told you, Facebook online events tool can become a powerful advertising solution for your business. With this type of online tool, you’ll be able to create paid online events that are relevant to your business. As a result, these online events will generate sales as well as revenue for your business.

Do you need to learn more about how to create, promote, host, and monetize paid online events for your business? At Finepoint Design, marketing professionals are always happy to help you with all of your online event’s needs! Contact us today to get a consultation for FREE!

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