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Email Marketing

The goal of email marketing

With email marketing, you first need to create a database of consumers who are interested in what you do or have to offer, then to  be able to reach those people and remind them of what you have to offer. Every business may have a different end goal of how they hope for email marketing to work for them. From emails about product updates, to eblast (promotional) to email newsletters, we handle them all. At Finepoint Design, we help businesses define those email marketing goal and then set up ways to measure the results.


Email Marketing Platforms

We work with some of the bigger names in email marketing like Constant Contact and MailChimp. Using a reputable service will ensure your message is seen and not ending up in consumers spam folders.


Step 1

We start by collecting email addresses from website visitors as well as fans and followers on social media. What better place to start than the places where your target audience already follows you.

Step 2

Once we have a database of people to market to, Finepoint Design helps create both a marketing calendar to decide on the frequency of emails as well as when the emails should go out.

Step 3

After the game plan is in place, we design and program your emails, making sure they have a personal touch that will make every recipient feel like it was written for them specifically, and will also look good, elegant and professional.