The Importance of Digital Assistants and Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization in 2018 and Beyond

It goes without saying that digital assistants as well as voice search are on rise these days. The reality is most people find it easier to make use of voice searches than to type a search query.

It’s worth noting the number of people who choose to take advantage of voice-enabled digital assistants is constantly growing. This includes services such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, Alexa and Siri.

Now, let’s take a look at the latest statistics. According to the statistics, up to 41% of adults choose to use a voice search at least once per day.

The statistics also shows that up to 27% of website traffic is generated by voice search. Up to 46% of users prefer to prefer a voice search on a daily basis to find different types of local businesses online.

It’s clear that voice search is quickly gaining in popularity all over the world! It’s expected that up to 50% of search traffic will be driven by voice searches by 2020.

Why Voice Search Optimization is So Important Today

It’s very important for local businesses to focus on local search optimization these days. There is the evidence that local search traffic converts into clients and sales well.

You need to know that the vast majority of voice searches are local searches. People tend to take advantage of a voice mobile search when a need to find products or services in certain areas arises. That means that your local business has to rank high in local search.

Online Reputation Management and Voice Search Optimization Need to be a Part of a SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is an ever changing industry. Google and other search engines update their algorithms frequently.

Of course, content plays a very important role in site’s SEO today. On the other hand, online reviews have a huge impact on site’s SEO. That’s why it’s so important for your business to build a solid online reputation.

You’ll find it hard to achieve SEO success without such services as online reputation management (ORM) and voice search optimization (VSO).

Online reputation management work is all about getting more positive reviews and avoiding negative reviews. Even if things go wrong and your business gets negative reviews, you’ll need to reply to all of them as soon as possible.

As it was mentioned above, people tend to make use of a voice search rather than to type a query. That’s the reason why voice search optimization needs to be a part of SEO strategy.

How to Optimize for Voice Search

It makes a lot of sense to make the content on site’s web pages relevant to voice search queries. So, the question is – how to optimize site’s content for voice search in the right way? Now, it’s time to dig deeper into the topic of voice search optimization and get the answer.

Let’s assume that you use a voice search to find a local business. You are most likely to be interested in getting a direct answer to your question rather than to get links which are relevant to your search query.

That means that you may need to make some changes to your site’s content. By doing so, you’ll make it easy for visitors to find your site via a voice search technology.

It’s important to point out that voice searches are longer than text based ones. When people use a voice search, they usually choose to add “near me” to a target keyword.

That’s the reason why you need to make some changes to your keyword list. It would be nice for you to replace traditional keywords with the so called long-tail keyword phrases.

Now, let’s discuss what changes you need to make to your site’s content. When doing onsite optimization it’s very important for you to focus on targeting natural long-tail keyword phrases.

It’s a great idea to create Q&A content for a website. In other words, your website content has to contain the answers to the questions being asked by customers in voice search. So, you’ll be able to attract targeted users to your website.

And of course, you should aim to provide the correct answers to the questions! Plus, it’s best to write content for site’s web pages in a conversational style. This will help you convert site’s visitors into customers and sales efficiently.

Alexa, Find A Web Design Company Near Me – Local Search and Digital Assistants 

A quick Google search reveals that so many companies want to rank #1 for a profitable keyword. So, the question is – what needs to be done to be picked by digital assistants in voice search? You should do everything possible to help digital assistants select your site’s content as the answer to user’s question.

Here are tips for optimizing a site for local search: 

  • Obviously, you need to pay a close attention to the optimization of business location data. Your task is to provide the correct and up-to-date information on your business location. If your location data is well optimized, digital assistants are likely to be able to find your business fast and easy.
  • It’s worth noting that optimizing Google My Business profile has to be the number 1 priority in your local search optimization strategy. It’s crucial for you to complete a profile and provide all the necessary information. This includes your name, location, phone number, etc.
  • Adding your business on Google My Business as a result, digital assistants will be able to find your business in web very quickly.
  • And remember, customer reviews affect the success of your voice search optimization. It’s pretty clear that the more positive reviews your business has – the better! Obviously, you should always ask customers to leave reviews about your company if you find that they are happy about your business.

There is no doubt that the new era of SEO has begun. Digital assistants as well as voice search play a big role in search engine optimization these days.

That means that it’s time to change your SEO strategies today. You need to provide content on your site’s pages in a conversational style and build a solid online reputation for your business.

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