1. WordPress Applications

WordPress applications have certainly garnered a lot of attention from various web users. Since WordPress has grown to be a popular and feature-rich Content Management System, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see developers using WordPress for prototyping data-driven applications and creating front-ends. Be prepared to see various apps for website managing, content editing and more.

The WordPress’s REST API has manifested the surge in WordPress applications. This API enables web users to easily make modifications to their website’s data. It will also enable you to develop separate apps from WP core, and services and applications that WordPress core can connect with will bloom.

2. The User Interface will Certainly Improve

Although it hasn’t completely changed the way WordPress.com website owners manage their websites, it indeed has brought a massive change to the WordPress admin interface.

In addition, it is also imperative to mention that Calypso is not any alternative to your existing interface of WordPress. It is completely different and connects with your website through the REST API.

You have to sign in to WordPress.com or install WordPress.com desktop app and activate it. In both the cases, you will require the Manage option activated and JetPack installed.

Some of the popular Calypso’s features are:

  • A lot faster publishing and editing
  • Lets you manage comments as well as create and edit menus
  • Allows you to publish and edit pages and posts
  • Has a more user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Lets you edit website settings
  • Install plugins and themes

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