Content Marketing for Ecommerce Sites

It’s no surprise that content marketing has become a key element of ecommerce site’s promotion strategy. There has been a lot of talk about the importance of content marketing for business.

Why it’s so important to create a solid content marketing strategy that works for business? Let’s take a look at some statistics and try to come up with the answer.

– Up to 45% of companies choose to add blogs to their business sites and update them with fresh content on a regular basis and they do this for a good reason.

– Over 70% of people choose to deal with a company only after they have read articles on the company’s blog.

– Up to 68% of online buyers begin to trust company’s brand after reading content on ecommerce site.

So, it makes a lot of sense to add a blog to ecommerce site. The reality is, businesses can benefit from blogging in a number of different ways. Keep in mind that blogging can greatly improve your ecommerce site’s SEO.

Today, I would like to give you some insights into content marketing for ecommerce sites.

Why your ecommerce site needs a blog and how you should use it for improving site’s SEO

How to Use a Blog for On-page Site’s SEO

As I have already said, it’s impossible to optimize site’s pages for so many keywords. In reality, each of site’s pages can be optimized for 1 – 2 keywords. That means that optimizing an ecommerce site for too many target keywords can be hard. However, you’ll find it easy to use a blog to optimize an ecommerce site for additional keyword phrases.

For example, you can take advantage of a blog to optimize ecommerce site for long tail keywords. All you need to do is to create new blog posts and make them relevant to the keywords that you target. It’s important to know that each of blog posts can be optimized for several keywords (one primary keyword and several secondary keywords).

It goes without saying that blog posts will help you target more keywords. As a result, you’ll be able to attract additional search traffic to an ecommerce site. And of course, it wouldn’t be hard for you to turn website traffic into sales. It’s important to point out that this type of search traffic converts pretty well.

How to Use a Blog for Link Building Purposes

Link building is a key part of a SEO strategy today. However, the quality of backlinks is particularly important these days. Getting quality backlinks needs to be the number one priority for search engine optimization. That’s why I highly recommend businesses to use only natural link building methods for offsite SEO.

Natural links work well and positively affect site’s rankings. It’s also important to note that natural links generate targeted traffic to a website.  If you use illegal methods to attract links to your site, Google can penalize you for this and your site’s rankings will go down.

It’s crucial for businesses to develop links naturally and there is no question about that! There is really no better way to build links for an ecommerce site naturally than blogging.

Blogging is all about publishing interesting content on a website. We all know that interesting content spreads in the Internet very quickly. So, you’ll be able to get a lot of quality backlinks if people find your blog content interesting. That means that blogging provides natural link builders with great opportunities.

I would also recommend you to create great images and share them on your ecommerce site’s blog. If other website owners choose to use your images, they will have to provide a link back to your site. As a result, you’ll get lots of high quality backlinks for your ecommerce site.

It’s a great idea to use the power of Skyscraper technique from Backlinko to develop links for a website in a natural way. So, how does Skyscraper link building method work?

  • First, you need find a blog post that ranks well and have lots of high quality backlinks.
  • After that, you have to create even better content. Write a longer, more interesting and better structured content for your ecommerce site’s blog.
  • Lastly, you have to contact site owners, who refer to linkable blog post, and recommend them to provide a link to your blog post. Numerous experiments have shown that this type of link building tactic works pretty well for different types of businesses.

You can also take advantage of the so called broken link building technique.

If you would like to use this type of natural link building method, then you need to find content with broken links first. Next, you need to create the relevant original content on your blog and recommend a site owner to provide a link to it.

Do you need help with content marketing? Contact us today! Our online marketing experts would be happy to develop an effective content marketing strategy that works for an ecommerce site and provides successful results.

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