Chrome & Gmail Tricks

Chrome And Gmail Tricks That Will Help You Get The Most Out Of The Web!

“When life gives you question, just Google the damn thing.”

This is just not a quote but a fact. In this modern era of technology, Google is the perfect replacement for dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Today everyone is like “I don’t know, Google it.”  Right?

Well, a big thanks to Google from me too!

Google has given us many features and apps and has made our life on the web a more wonderful experience.

Personally, Gmail is the best way to send and receive email, mostly due to all of its special features.

And, of course, Chrome is personally my favorite web browser. You can surf the internet with ease, it has a ton of 3rd party extensions, plus and it’s more reliable than some of the other  web browsers.

Well, you may already know how to use Chrome and Gmail, but in this article, I will share with you some awesome Chrome and Gmail tricks.


Well check out these 12 tips and tricks and you can make your own opinion.

Some Gmail Tricks To Make Your Life Easier!

1. Send Email In The Future

If you want to send your email later. Then simply click on the click icon next to the Send button and schedule your message. In this feature, you can draft your email and send it later at the perfect time and date.

The nice thing is that it notifies you once it has send the email. It’s a perfect tool for reminders and scheduling.

Rather than losing all sense of direction in your inbox, you can send messages away for a particular period of time. You can have them return when you’re prepared to address them.

2. Sent By Mistake? Send It Later!

It has happened to me and I’m sure the same has happened to you as well.

Suppose you’re sending an email and by mistake you have clicked on to the reply all button.

And suddenly you realized that you have done something wrong.

Now, what?

Well, don’t worry my friend!

We have another option in Gmail settings. That option is “Enable Undo Send.”

But, you have to click this button within 15-30 seconds. If you do so, your can be safe.

On many occasions, this has worked out to be a life saver.

3. Is Someone Tracking You?

This world is full of intelligent people and with a few basic tools, you can tell if someone is tracking you on social media.

So, here comes Gmail entering the list of spies. You can now track who’s tracking you or who’s checking on you!

Thanks to Google! (Again)

Email trackers are all over the place. Organizations and people alike need to watch when you’re opening their messages, and how frequently you’re opening them.

The good thing is that you can reclaim control. Ugly Email will do that for you. The Ugly Email is a Chrome extension which works inside Gmail, demonstrating to you who is following messages sent to you. It’s an incredible approach to staying on top of any eyes that are following you.

4. Stay Connected With Your Contacts

One option that I use is Rapportive, which lets you to associate with your Gmail contacts on LinkedIn quickly and easily. Personally I’d say it works really well. LinkedIn purchased the item in 2012 for about $15 million.

Justin Kerby is the Founder of Cave Social, a computerized showcasing office situated in South Florida. He is energetic about promoting and has the week by week YouTube arrangement, In the Cave.

5. Poor connectivity? Don’t Worry! You Can Check your Email Offline

The Powerful feature in the Gmail is “Gmail Offline.” It’s actually the extension of the Chrome. This extension permits you to search, read, respond, and receive the emails even when you are offline.

All you need to do is:

  • Click gear icon( Top right → )
  • Hit Gmail offline button

When you will do this, the extension will synchronize and download the email.

You must be thinking that It’s gonna fluff your hard drive.

Well, if you think so, You’re wrong! It doesn’t take any space. 

6. Do you know any Gmail or Chrome Shortcuts?

Someone has rightly said, “ There are no shortcuts to success”.  

But, there are shortcuts to Gmail. If you don’t know then check out these shortcuts for Gmail. These shortcuts will make your work easy and time-saving.

Check these out!

  • “ k” For latest messages
  • “ e” to receive
  • “ j ” if you want to check the older messages
  • “ Shift+# ” to reach the trash
  • “a” if you want to “ reply all ”
  • “ r ” reply the single person

These are some shortcuts to Gmail which you can use while drafting your email.

Isn’t this a wonderful Chrome and Gmail trick?

7. Multiple Inboxes

Withstand yourself with new emails first thing each morning by setting up various inboxes.

With this component, you’ll see your new messages in one inbox on top, and everything else on the base.

Make a beeline for Settings under the Inbox tab, at that point select “Unread First” under the Inbox Type drop-down menu.

8. An Easy Way To Store Your Photos

This is a very simple process and need not do much. This is an easy way to store your photos.

For this, you need to do the following:

Paste or ctrl +V

Now paste or ctrl + V, pictures in the create window to embed a photograph into your clipboard. In the event that you utilize Google+ Auto Backup (It’s automatically going to upload the photographs into your drive).

Now, you can embed those moved down photographs utilizing the new Insert Photo catch in Gmail. One can likewise share the whole album.

So, in case you lose your cell phone or you have to face a theft, your data is safe in your Gmail drive. It’s a lifesaver.

Try this one!

9. Grammarly- Know About Your Grammatical Mistakes

This is an awesome tool. I always use this tool while I draft my email. It acts like your grammatic English teacher.

This tool detects the grammatical error in your content. Also this tool helps to eradicate or correct the incorrections.

So, there is no chance of:

  • Any spelling mistake
  • Grammatical mistake
  • Punctuation
  • Eloquence

So, this tool actually helps in expanding your grammatical knowledge.

There’s more!

This tool also helps you to take your vocab to an advance level.

You can try and install this tool as follows:

  • Go to Gmail document
  • See button “ Add ons” on the top
  • Get add ons
  • Install proofreader
  • Now, you can look for your grammatical errors

10. Your Account Information Is Safe Here

When you create your Gmail account. The Gmail ask you to fill in the following details:

  • What is your mobile number?
  • Security question
  • Recovery email address
  • Your Gmail label names
  • Email ids of 5 persons to whom you send the emails very frequently

If accidentally you lose your Gmail account. If you forgot your email password. Then the above-mentioned information will help you to recover your data. So, don’t worry!

You are in safe hands!

11. The Restore Option With Chrome

This function has saved me many times. The same can happen with you as well.

Wait! I will explain you with the help of an example!

Imagine! You are working on your laptop and suddenly battery goes off. You have opened tabs on your Google Chrome web browser. These web browsers were really very important for you.

It’s because you got them on your screen by a deep research. But, you can say because of bad luck your laptop didn’t stand beside you.

Now, what you will do?

It’s ok! Don’t go under stress. It’s just an imagination!

But, if the same happens in reality then Google Chrome Web browser comes with restore option.

When your system will be powered again. You can restore your last opened tabs.

Quite a Justice?

Just surf with Chrome web browser only.

Now you know many Chrome and Gmail tricks.

12. Google G-suite

This Google G-suite is a unique feature. With this, you can create a group for your organization. In this G-suite special feature, you can create the email of your employees by using your organization name.

For example! The name of your organization is “Rockrox”. The name of your employee is Elice.

So, his email will be:

Final Words

Well, I have explained you the Chrome and Gmail Tricks. These tricks will help you save your data. With the help of tricks of shortcuts, your work will be done quickly.

Also, you will do less errors while drafting your mail or any other document. Support! If you find this sharing of us worth reading.

Anything that is up to you and you would like to share with us is welcomed. Let us know if you have some unanswered questions in your mind. We would love to hear from you!

Bidding goodbye with these final words,

“If I had time, money and knowledge I could write about everything; but no problem, Google is already doing it”