Case Study - Local SEO Work For Top Flight Avionics

Case Study - Top Flight Avionics

1. The Client

Top Flight Avionics is a Michigan-based avionics repair and certification company, working out of Willow Run. Their services include flight line maintenance, autopilot repair, custom installations as well as other avionic repairs.

2. The Goal

Once we finished rebuilding their website, we wanted to make sure that Top Flight Avionics would be easily found when doing a Google search by pilots in the area when they did a search for anything replating to avionic repairs.

3. The Work

Once the website redesign was complete, we made sure the pages were optimized for the correct keywords within the body of the page as well as the meta description, title tag and alt tags.

After that, we built citations in major directories, which essentially notifies Google that there is a business with “X” name, located at “X” address with “X” phone number. So if someone is in the area of them and does a search for their service, Google knows to use them as a possible search result for people.

Additionally, we did some offsite SEO work, just to reinforce the other work we did.

Top Flight Avionics Website

The Results

Within about 2 months of the site going live and the SEO work being done, we were very happy with the speed at which keywords that were not ranking on the first 10 pages of Google for, were now on page 16 of Google.

Top Flight Keyword Rankings


For the local SEO portion of the work, we saw a huge jump in Google Maps rankings for the term “Aviation Repair”.

Avionics Repair in Google Maps - November 2021
Avionics Repair in Google Maps - January 2022

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