Case Study - Bedwetting Treatment Center

1. The Client

Bedwetting Treatment Center works with kids and teenagers who need help without the use of drugs or devices.

2. The Goal

Lower the amount of monthly ad spend and start to increase the number of booked appointments through organic search.

3. The Work

We started out with keyword research to see what terms people were searching for the most and had the lowest competition. Once we had that mapped out, we made the site was optimized for these terms as well as their Google Business page.

Bedwetting Treatment Center Website Case Study

The Results

Top KeywordsWithin about 2 months of working on select keywords and optimizing their Google Business Profile, we were able to get more than 20 keywords to rank in the top-10 listings within Google. At the time of posting this, the Bedwetting Treatment Center is booked 2 months out, something that has not happened for them in several years.

Looking at the keywords listed, the number in the “Rank” column refers to what position they rank for that term. Google lists 10 results per page so 1-10 would mean they are on Page 1 of Google for that term, 11-20 would be page 2, etc. “Volume” refers to the average amount of traffic that keyword gets each month.

These are only the top 20 results. As of the time of writing this, they are ranking for over 30 keywords on page 1 of Google and over 200 keywords in all.


Check out the kind review Gaile from the Bedwetting Treatment Center left on our Google Business profile:

Google Business Review

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