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Auburn Hills Social Media Marketing Services

We’re a leading social media marketing agency serving businesses in the Auburn Hills area.

Social Media Marketing in Auburn Hills MichiganThe former home of the Detroit Pistons and the Palace has so many other great businesses and attractions that people tend to forget about. From the Chrysler Headquarters and Technology Center to the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, to our personal favorite place Top Golf, Auburn Hills is home to many great businesses, all of which rely on social media marketing services.

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution that can help you in growing people’s awareness about your brand, increase website traffic, and open you a whole new market of potential customers? Then you should be on some, if not all, social media!

Social media blogs and sites, believe it or not, reach 9 out of 10 of all U.S. Internet users. And almost eighty percent of Internet users will buy a brand that they are actually following on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Improve your social media presence with our professional social media marketing services

To make a long story short, social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools currently available for businesses of all sizes to reach customers. SMM is continuously advancing and adapting. It’s a powerful online marketing tool for brands and companies.

Did you know that almost 99% of successful companies and brands diligently work hand in hand with social media marketing agencies in order to dynamically increase interest and exposure?

The bitter truth is that many potential customers are already interacting with other brands through social media, and you are missing them out if you are without a presence on Twitter, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

Social media marketing advantages

Develop brand awareness

Growing social media followers will increase referrals and awareness of your brand. Our experts are focusing on increasing followers with relevant people.

Build relationships

When we build a strong and trustworthy relationship through targeting tools and techniques, it is more likely that they will purchase your brand. We are helping you to increase comments, likes, etc., on every single post on your social media.

Increasing website exposure

Increasing website traffic will instantly influence leads and sales, and that’s what you are looking for, to be honest. To do this, we can use specific retargeting ads that stay in front of the previous website visitors.

Our social media marketing core pillars

1. Strategy: Before you even dive into writing and publishing something on any of social media, you really have to think about your social media strategy. Those are just some of the questions you should think of: what are your goals, which social media platforms do you want to focus on, what type of content do you want to share with your audience?

2. Planning and publishing: SMM usually starts with having a presence on social media. Can you believe that over three billion people use social media? Publishing is the easier part- it’s just like sharing videos, posts, photos, etc.

3. Listening and engagement: As your social media and business following grow, a conversation about your services, brands, or whatever you offer increases as well. People will often start to comment on your posts, announcements, etc. Some people may even open a discussion about your business on these networks without letting you know. Therefore we will monitor conversations about your business, and offer support and correct solutions before they get worse.

4. Analytics: Let’s make one thing crystal clear. You will want to get a report about how your SMM is performing. Are you reaching more people on social media than in the last two months? How many people used your brand’s hashtag on their posts? Although social media platforms themselves provide these basic levels of information, we are doing more in-depth analytics to help you in business growth.

5. Advertising: As your funds grow, you can implement social media ads in your business strategy that are targeting a wider audience, not only those who are currently following you.

We also provide web design and search engine optimization services to Auburn Hills Michigan businesses.

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