Why Local Seo

Why Choose Local SEO?

Now that phone books are out and search engines are making things happen – 97% of consumers now go online to find local services.

In fact, think of the moments you needed to get something done or just grab a few things.  Chances are you probably went online to search for it, and this page may have come up thanks to local SEO results.

Google calls these moments, “micro-moments”

And with the advent of hyper-targeted results due to mobile device location signals, these moments have evolved into intent–rich “near me” searches.

In today’s world, local optimization has become vital for growing an online presence in your area.

After all, optimizing things like site extensions, localized keywords, and community-driven content, ensures you show up in the right place, in front of the right people, at the right time.

Opportunities With Local SEO Services

Google’s algorithm has grown to become a force for businesses looking to dominate their local audience through online strategies.

Making your company visible for geo-related local searches, specifically within Google’s Map Pack listings is at the heart of local search engine optimization services.

By creating a structure where local businesses get discovered online, these local SEO services capture the essence of what each company aims to achieve.

And in order to harness the incredible exposure online provides, here’s how working to increase your local SEO presence will help your company:

  • Increases its visibility online among locals.
  • Outranks its local competitors in searches.
  • Generates more organic visitors to your website.
  • Boosts leads and sales from within a specific service area.