Traditional SEO - Finepoint Design

Traditional SEO is also known as international SEO. Such an SEO strategy works well for businesses that offer products or services internationally. When SEO is done, the website’s pages are optimized for general keywords. When doing SEO, you can build links from any site that’s relevant to your business.

Local SEO is done for businesses that sell products and services in certain geographical areas. When local SEO is done, it’s necessary to optimize a website for local keywords.

There are also businesses that prefer to use both local SEO and traditional SEO strategies to promote their sites. Such businesses offer products and services internationally. So, they choose to use traditional SEO services to promote their sites for general keywords. Plus, they have branches in certain locations. In this case, they have to use a local SEO strategy to promote their site’s web pages in certain geographical areas.   

It makes no sense to optimize a local business site for general keywords. Local keywords are the keywords that consist of general keywords + locations that you target. Local keywords also include keyword phrases that consist of general keywords + words like near me, nearby, etc. 

Also, you should build links for local sites differently. You should aim to attract links from local popular sites which are relevant to your business. The so-called local backlinks work well for local SEO.