Nothing screams “amateur” louder than researching a local SEO company and discovering it’s not ranked high in searches.

If they can’t practice what they preach for themselves, then chances are they can’t do it for you.

So, keep in this mind as you look for local SEO companies to partner with.

The top local SEO companies publish pricing for their local SEO services.

Some companies just avoid posting their prices online. We go against that approach. At Finepoint design, it’s all about transparency. And this extends to our pricing. We want clients to get a sense upfront of exactly what they’ll get and how much they’ll pay for our services.

To do this, we offer our flagship transparent local SEO pricing. Publishing our services online gives potential clients room to evaluate their options and choose the best local SEO services company tailored to their needs.

The best local SEO companies take pride in their reviews and testimonials.  So much that they publish them so you can see how well they’re doing.

This serves as proof as they give you a detailed look at how they provide results for their clients.

No company knocks it out of the park every time, but if a local agency has glaringly large numbers of bad reviews then it’s probably a good sign they won’t be doing any “magic” for you.

On the flip side, if clients are generally satisfied with a company’s work, then that’s all the reason you need to sign on the dotted line as you skyrocket to new online heights.