Is Local SEO Necessary?

The short answer? Yes! With an increase in online searches for local businesses, local search engine optimization services are essential for your business to attract more customers organically through an online search.

The fact is, more than half of traffic to local business websites comes from organic online searches.

And if you’re looking to disrupt your industry and attract more customers, then your company needs to show up at the top of those search results in your local area.

At the intersection between your company and more customers, is Finepoint’s local SEO services.

How Much Can I Expect To Spend With A Quality Local SEO Agency?

At Finepoint Design we believe your company is unique from others, which is why we approach customer pricing and packages from a “you first” perspective.

Basically, we take a look at your individual needs and come up with packages and pricing that matches each one.

We avoid giving pricing until we understand your specific needs because it varies so much – some local businesses only have a $2,500 budget and only need basic, affordable local SEO  services, while others with multiple locations have a $20,000 budget and need a lot.

If a local SEO marketing company presents you with “one  size fits all” packages, it’s a bad sign that you won’t get unique customized services out of your partnership.

However, we do have set services that are included with every single local search engine optimization package.