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Let’s say that you promote your business website internationally. That means that you have to do traditional (international) SEO for your site and promote your web pages for general keywords. In this case, you will deal with many competitors.

Obviously, all business sectors are highly competitive these days. So, you’ll have to optimize your website’s pages for high competition keywords to promote your business on the international market.

However, the competition is much lower if you promote your business on the local market. If you do local SEO for a website, then you will have to deal with lower competition. And of course, it’s a big advantage. You will find it a lot easier to optimize your site’s web pages for local keywords.    

Oftentimes, doing SEO and promoting a website internationally can be hard. Clearly, a lot of businesses from all over the world would like to achieve the top rankings for high competition keywords. That’s why it may take you too much time to promote your site’s web pages for high competition keywords. You have to spend months or even years to achieve high search engine rankings for general keywords of high competition.

However, the same can’t be said about local SEO and local keywords. When you do local SEO for a business website, you’ll have to optimize your site’s web pages for local keywords. It’s important to note that local keywords have much lower competition comparing to general keywords. That means that it will take you less time to do local SEO for a local business site and get site’s web pages on top in search engines for local keywords. All of this means that you will be able to achieve results much faster with local SEO.   

I wouldn’t recommend you to promote local business sites for general keywords. As I have already said, it’s much harder to promote a site for general keywords comparing to local keywords. Plus, it takes more time to achieve top search engine rankings if you target general keywords. But most importantly, local keywords have a higher conversion rate comparing to general keywords.

The statistics shows that general keywords are used by people from all over the world. So, your website traffic is unlikely to convert well if you sell your products or services locally.

When people use local keywords, they are interested in buying products or services in certain geographical areas only. People are searching for local businesses, which are close to them. And of course, your website will have a higher conversion rate if you do local SEO and optimize its web pages for local keyword phrases.