The 9 Secrets of a Successful Social Media Campaign

We help unlock the biggest Social Media Campaign secrets needed for your success!

In a world where we are experiencing an information storm of different types of media, people are  exposed daily to copious amounts of content, the idea of getting the attention of users in Social Media becomes a challenge. Nowadays, in order to reach your target audience or target market segment, you need to resort to Social Media.

Why Should I be using Social Media?

Whether you have a business, an educational institution or an ONG, Social Media will be the platform where you’ll find the most people potentially interested in the information you have to offer. However, your Social Media campaigns need to be effective so they don’t just call the attention of random people, but attract the right people in addition to creating the engagement you need.

Social Media is currently the primary platform for anyone to show the personality of their brand and establish a direct communication with their audience, generating potential clients and loyalty to your current ones.

You can’t just focus on optimizing your site for a Google search when platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and Instagram have just an amazing reach, with millions of active users generating enormous daily traffic. That’s why we are ready to give you the most vital strategies to stand out and make a Social Media Campaign that makes people get involved with your product or service. 

  1. Keep your goal in mind:

Throughout your company’s activity, you will have to manage different social media campaigns for different purposes. For example, some goals might be:

  • Promoting a new product or service with the purpose to increase the sales.
  • Creating brand awareness in the audience.
  • Generating loyalty in your current customer through interaction.
  • Creating engagement with potential clients through leads.
  • Increase the number of app downloads.
  • Drive traffic to your website.

Don’t try to go for unrealistic goals that will disappoint you before you even start your campaign. Make sure that your objectives follow the S.M.A.R.T rule, which means they must be:

Specific: It’s not the same “Increasing the traffic of my website” than saying “Increasing the traffic of my website in the purchase section”.

Measurable: to monitor your social media campaign in order to check if it’s being successful or not, you need to add numbers to your goal. For example “Increasing the traffic of my website in the purchase section in 30%”

Attainable: Think if it’s possible to reach your goal and adapt it to your current situation and the number of resources you are willing to spend in this social media campaign.

Relevant: Regardless how ambitious your goal is, it needs to represent a long-run revenue. For example, increasing the traffic of your website in the purchase section means that your sales can rise, with the possibility to launch a new product or service in this section.

Time-Specific: This is nothing that setting an amount of time to reach your goal. In this case, it could be something like “Increasing the traffic of my website in the purchase section in 30% within 4 months of this social media campaign. 

  1. Choose your Channels Wisely:

Focusing your strategy on a single social network can be dangerous, especially if you are not very sure about which ones will give you the best results. Diversify your scope and build a social media strategy compatible with several channels. In this manner, you avoid the risk of investing time, efforts and money into a platform that maybe wasn’t the most effective for the message you want to spread.

A multichannel approach is the smartest decision while you are developing your first’s social media campaigns, especially because each social network has determined audiences. This doesn’t mean you will replicate your content exactly the same in each one of the platforms. Choosing a multichannel approach means to adapt your content to each social network.

It’s simpler than you think, you just need to think about three vital aspects:

  • Your target market: Identify your very specific audience with gender, location, age, occupation, interests, and lifestyle.
  • The type of content you produce: Imagery, Video Gallery, Q&As, Events, Polls.
  • Which could be the social channels that bring the best out of your content?
  1. Find what makes you different (and better):

Now that you are ready to start your social media campaign in the channels you think that are the most appropriate for it, you need to find a way to differentiate your content from the great amount of noise in social media. At this point, we go back to the fact that your information needs to be valuable to the audience. Give them a good, useful and powerful reason to stare and click your campaign.

You don’t need to go too far on this.  Just make a list of 20 of the strongest competitors of your niche and then, go into their social media profiles. You will have to analyze and identify how is the structure of their publications, what they do great and what you could do better, faster, more accessible, more comfortable or simply nicer to the view.

Believe me that these tiny details make the difference between clicking or keep scrolling down. Stay with the 5 best of your competitors and follow their track to keep the innovation closer.

  1. Invest resources to improve your content:

If your social campaign will contain graphics, you may need to hire a professional photographer or a video editor. In other cases, you can invest in a new camera and take the photos by yourself, or subscribe to Canvas if your content is more related to visual texts. Whatever your content is about, think about those tools that cost money but are worthy to obtain outstanding results. 

  1. You shouldn’t underestimate the influencer marketing:

Let’s be clear on this; the current generations of internet users have developed aversion or “ad blindness” for the traditional type of advertisements. It’s not only that people don’t want to see a promotional video or image on any digital platform, but they neither trust in this content.

In this manner, many brands have found an interesting way to reach a bigger target audience by establishing alliances with influencers that are compatible with the essence and qualities of your brand. Make a research of influencers related to your field, get in touch with them and form a collaboration.

  1. Consistency is a vital ingredient for success:

Organize the schedule of the content you will share in your social media campaign. Settle a number of hours at the week that you or your team will be actively sharing the content. Don’t think that you can slow down or suddenly disappear only because the campaign is having good results at first sight because it could lose its impact.

  1. Make sure that your content reaches your audience:

A very useful and simple way to make sure that you are directing your content to the right audience is by uploading a list of emails from your best clients to Facebook. In this manner, the platform will show you a list of people whit the same demographic qualities or interests. In this case, you have a good opportunity to call their attention and grow your scope.

Another interesting tool for Twitter called Tweepi, allows you to search your competitors’ followers. In this case, you will know exactly which type of people is interested in the same type of service or product that you offer. The best of all is that you will know which one of them are still active users.

  1. Forget about the followers and think about the engagement:

The amount of followers means nothing nowadays when many social networks use an algorithm to decide which type of content they show prominently. The algorithm of Facebook and Instagram uses the “engagement” to display or not display content.

The comments are one of the main forms of engagement. This means that posts with more comments are more likely to be displayed more time in the “explore” section of these social networks. In this manner, you need to promote the interaction of your target market in your social media.

For this purpose, you can count on a social media monitor that is active and alert to respond very fast any question, concern or idea that your readers make in your posts. In this manner, you create an engagement with your content. Of course, you will need to answer your audience by following the essence of your brand, which can even help you to develop a loyalty feeling in your readers.

  1. Monitor your Social Media Campaign:

Even if you think that your social media campaign is going excellent because you increased your number of followers, remember your main objective. Maybe it has nothing to do with the number of followers, so you need to use a tool like Google Analytics to see if it’s really working or not.

The On-platform measurement will tell you how many new followers have you reached with your campaign, the number of likes, shares, mentions, impressions, comments, the level of engagement and the demographic distribution of your audience.

However, don’t stay only with this information because you also need to check the On-site measurement, which will expose if your success on social media had an impact in your website’s traffic, amount of purchases, click through rate, etc.

Determine the metrics you are interested the most, which are directly related to your main goal. Follow these metrics consistently on a weekly or daily basis, according to the size of your company. This is probably the most important step because it will tell you the things in your strategy that you need to improve or adjust.

Consider that the social media landscape is a changing environment, so you should do the same with your strategies. Don’t insist on a single pattern for many time if it’s not working anymore because the needs of your audience will evolve. Try to innovate and create a unique brand identity through your social media campaigns that make your followers driving big amount of business to your company.

If you are looking for help with and existing social media marketing campaign or if you’re just getting started, contact us today to see how we can help your social media presence.

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