Forget About Selfies! Here Are 6 Instagram Content Ideas For Your Brand

As you are probably already aware, Instagram is currently one of the most widely used social networks on the globe.

There are more than 500 million people browsing Instagram on a daily basis, and about 80% of them follow a business, making Instagram the perfect place for promoting your brand online.

With that being said, there is more to Instagram marketing than just snapping photos and posting them online.

Everyone has different preferences in terms of the kind of content they like to see on Instagram, and  since trying to appeal to everyone is not an effective marketing strategy, you need to find the type of material that works for your target audience.

Instagram also has three content formats to choose from (the regular feed, Stories, and more recently IGTV), and numerous customization options for each, adding even more nuance to your choice.

All of this can make Instagram marketing feel overwhelming if you are a newcomer to the field.

Here are 6 content ideas for Instagram to get you started:

Tagged Products

The most straightforward way to promote your brand on Instagram is by showing off your products and services. Simply snap a couple of photos of the items you are trying to sell, and post them on your feed.

Try experimenting with different angles, lighting conditions, item arrangements, and background scenery to create something both interesting, and visually cohesive.

Instagram recently introduced a feature that enables you to tag products in your photos just as you would do with friends.

This will give your followers the option to check out product information on the spot.

Consumer Polls

Knowing your target audience in and out is essential for running a successful Instagram marketing campaign. And with Instagram polls, you can conduct audience research while promoting your brand at the same time.

If you want keep up with trends, instead of creating a generic poll, try using the new emoji slider sticker. The emoji slider will allow you to ask more subtle in order to find out how your followers feel about a particular topic.

The emoji will add an emotional context to your poll, which will help your followers understand the tone you were going for, and answer accordingly.

Contests and Giveaways

Another popular way to engage your followers on Instagram is by running a contest. Contests and giveaways will get audiences talking about your brand, and they can also function as a means of obtaining quality user-generated content.

To set up a contest on Instagram, try to come up with a fun challenge, specify how the winners will be determined, set a time limit, and offer an enticing reward.

Try not to cast too wide a net with your contest – you don’t want people with little interest in your brand walking away with rewards at the expense of your target audience.

GIFs and Stickers

It is no secret that most people browse Instagram solely for the purpose of entertainment. As a result, content that feels too corporate in nature is not likely to go over well among the Instagram crowd.

If your brand leans more on the serious side of the business spectrum, this can pose a problem.

Fortunately, Instagram now has a built-in way for adding a bit of whimsy to your content – GIFs.

These short looping animations can make your posts feel more tongue in cheek, earning you nods of approval from younger generations (which incidentally comprise the majority of Instagram’s userbase).


Raising brand awareness is all about letting people get to know your business. One of way of achieving this is through direct promotion, but you can also opt to give consumers a more behind-the-scenes look into your business operation.

Instagram enables you to do this easily through its Live feature. You can stream current goings-on from your office, shop, or event floor, to show the human face behind your brand.

A livestream is also the perfect venue for answering any questions your followers might have, which is essential for deepening your mutual relationship.


Video content is a hot commodity in the digital world. According to recently published Cisco study, video traffic will account for more than 80% of all online traffic by 2021.

To leverage the massive popularity of online video, reputable digital agencies have started creating video content en masse, and you should try to do the same.

Popular video formats on Instagram include know-how videos, tutorials, product reveals, memetic videos, and more.

When creating video content, our advice would be to keep your videos short, to write scripts with little sales-speak, and to use quality recording equipment.

Instagram is a highly competitive environment for brands, but with the right kind of content strategy in place, you can easily leverage it for your own benefit.

I hope that this article has given you something to think about while planning your future Instagram marketing campaigns.