How To Find SEO Errors That Negatively Affect A Site’s Ranking

Today’s search engine optimization is all about providing great user experience, so if you find SEO errors on your site, you need to know how to take action to fix them.

So, designers should obviously aim to create great-looking sites which are convenient for users.

On the other hand, websites need to be search engine friendly.

That means that web designers should take into consideration two key factors when creating sites for their customers:

1) site’s beauty and user experience as well as

2) search engine optimization.

The big question is – how to design a user friendly and SEO optimized website? It’s clear that you should avoid crucial web design errors that have a huge negative impact on search engine rankings.

In this blog, we’ll talk about good web design and how to find SEO errors.

Common Web Design Errors That Negatively Affect A Site's SEO
And of course, we’ll explain to you how this type of website design errors can be fixed.

Web Design Error # 1: Not Including Keywords in H1 Tags

Let’s assume that you’ve created a website with perfect color scheme, beautiful font style and fantastic background image.

It goes without saying that such a website will look great and you’ll definitely enjoy navigating through its web pages.

However, it doesn’t make any sense for you to have a beautifully designed website if users can’t find it in search engines.

Actually, these kinds of things usually happen when web designers don’t think about site’s SEO. Without a doubt, this is something that needs to be avoided at any cost.

It’s worth noting that every website needs to be designed with SEO in mind.

Oftentimes, web designers remove the H1 tag. By doing this, they can get additional space to put other design elements on a web page.

However, H1 tags play a big role in the search engine optimization process. The reality is search engines pay a close attention to H1 tags which are used on site’s web pages.

That means that you can take advantage of H1 tags to make your site’s web pages relevant to the target keywords. Optimizing H1 tags will definitely improve SEO ranking of your website.

When optimizing site’s H1 tags you should do everything possible to make it easy for users to understand what site’s web pages are all about.

It should take users no longer than 5 seconds to understand what a web page is all about. So, it would be better for you to use short H1 tags on a web page.

On the other hand, H1 tags need to be descriptive and contain the detailed information about a web page.

Web Design Error # 2: Using Large Sized Images And Media Files on a Site

Designers choose to use large-sized images to make their sites look great. Nevertheless, large-sized images as well as large-sized media files have a negative impact on web page load speed and site’s SEO.

That’s the reason why you need to perform Google page speed insights tests on a regular basis and optimize your site’s images if such a need arises.

You need to know that image size can be reduced by 70%. If you optimize all of your images, you’ll be able to reduce your web page load speed and this will help you enhance your site’s performance significantly.

However, the most important thing is that your website is likely to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

Web Design Error # 3: Using Popups on a Website

Popups can be good for website design. On the other hand, popups are not good for site’s SEO. Google has recently announced that web designers shouldn’t use popups on sites anymore.

Imagine the situation that a user has come to a website and sees a popup. Obviously, a user will find it difficult to get the access to the main content that’s available on site’s pages.

All of this means that you’ll provide bad user experience if you build a website with popups. Therefore, popups will have a huge negative impact on site’s SEO.

Web Design Error # 4: Writing Text on Images

A lot of designers choose to write texts on their site’s images. Actually, this is the mistake that we see again and again.

The reality is the text that has been written on site’s images is not visible for search engines. Visitors can easily see and read the text on the site’s images but search engines don’t.

Alt texts are a great way to optimize images on a website. If you would like to optimize your site’s images, then you should definitely create SEO friendly Alt texts that contain target keywords.

Search engines take into consideration Alt texts of images. As a result, a web page with well-optimized Alt texts will be more relevant to the keyword that you target.

Web Design Error # 5: Having a Lot of Services/Products on the Single Page

Needless to say that the service and product pages are the most important pages on your website. However, you should never list numerous services/products on a single page.

If your web page contains numerous services or products on a single page, you’ll find it difficult to optimize your content for numerous target keywords.

In fact, each of site’s web pages can be optimized only for 1 – 2 keywords.

That’s why it would be better for you to create a separate page for each of services/products available on your website and then optimize it for the target keywords.

By finding seo errors, you’ll be able to get more organic traffic from search engines to your website.

Finally, more people will choose to purchase your products and services and your sales as well as business profits will increase!

Thank you so much for reading this article. Search engine optimization is no easy job that requires special knowledge, skills, experience as well as tools.

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