The 4 Major Social Media Platforms Posting Tips – Exposed

Social Media Guide Posting Tips for Four Major Platforms

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn bring together a lot of people from different parts of the world. Social media sites can drive high amounts of potential customers to your business. That means that social media needs to be a part of your marketing campaign.

Yet, it’s very important for you to develop an effective social media marketing strategy that works. Today, we’ll provide you with tips to help you get the most out of your social media promotion efforts.

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook is known for being the number one social media network in the world. Facebook is the ideal platform for advertising different types of products and services. You can also use Facebook to increase the awareness of your brand. Below, you’ll be able to find best practice posting tips for Facebook.

Create interesting posts that bring value to readers. Your job is to write posts that grab attention of Facebook users. That’s why it’s so important for you to add visual elements as well as a call to action to posts.

Provide short posts on social media. You should aim to make posts for Facebook short (less than 40 characters). Such social media posts will convert well into clients, sales and revenue.

Share content on Facebook frequently. And remember, the success of a Facebook promotion campaign is all about consistency. In other words, you should try to post new content on your Facebook business page as often as possible. It’s recommended to update a Facebook profile with fresh content at least 2 times a day.

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Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter is a social media site where users can share short messages (also known as “Tweets”) as well as images and videos with each others. Once you post something on Tweeter, your followers will be able to see your message on other Twitter Feed. Below, you’ll be able to find best practice posting tips for Twitter.

Create short and interesting tweets. Twitter doesn’t allow users to post messages which are longer than 280 characters. That means that you should aim to create short and interesting posts for Twitter. Plus, your social media posts have to contain a call to action.

Add relevant hashtags to your Tweets. Tweets are displayed in search results. Therefore, tweets can attract search traffic if they are optimized for target keywords in the right way. Hashtags make it easy for Twitter users to optimize their posts for search engines. It’s recommended to add no more than two hashtags to tweet. Use the power of hashtags to increase search visibility of your tweets.

Include photos and videos in your Tweets. It’s a great idea to add photos as well as videos to your Tweets. By doing so, you’ll be able to make it easy for social media users to understand what your posts are about. Visual elements will contribute greatly to the visibility of your Tweets.

Proofread your text twice before publishing. It’s crucial for you to ensure that your tweets don’t have any spelling or grammatical errors. So, proofread your text again and again before to publish it on Twitter.

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Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is an incredibly popular visual-sharing social platform. It lets users to share photos as well as videos with each others. Instagram is the right place to tell your story. You can use this social network to increase website traffic, improve your conversions and make your brand more popular. Below, you’ll be able to find best practice posting tips for Instagram.

Pick high-quality photos for Instagram. First of all, you have to select great images for Instagram. On the other hand, you need to ensure that pictures are relevant to your brand. There are two ways to select images for Instagram. You can either take advantage of a camera and take your own pictures or find great images on photo stock sites such as Flickr, Unsplash and others.

Create informative captions for Instagram stories. Captions are used to connect the photos to brand stories which are shared on Instagram. You can write either short or long story captions for Instagram. Actually, it’s completely up to you. However, experts advise to create short and engaging story captions.

Optimize Instagram stories with relevant hashtags. Hashtags are designed to improve the visibility and searchability of social media posts. On the other hand, hashtags make Instagram posts more engaging. Instagram makes it possible to add up to 5 – 10 relevant hashtags to posts.

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LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is a social networking site that brings together business professionals and employers. Obviously, the social network provides job seekers with great opportunities. On the other hand, LinkedIn is an effective solution for business owners and entrepreneurs. They can open jobs and share social media posts on LinkedIn. The most important thing is that LinkedIn can be used for business advertising and brand promotion. Below, you’ll be able to find best practice posting tips for LinkedIn.

Publish news relevant to your industry on LinkedIn. It would be nice for your target audience on LinkedIn to know everything that’s happening in your industry. Your goal should be to provide your LinkedIn followers with the information on the latest news that are happening in your industry.

Update your LinkedIn profile on a daily basis. The more frequently you update your LinkedIn profile – the better. Social media experts recommend businesses to share content on LinkedIn social network every day.

Share the information on the events that happen in your industry. It makes a lot of sense for businesses and brands to diversify the content they share on LinkedIn. You can share either professional articles or blog posts on LinkedIn social network.

Provide the right type of content on LinkedIn. You’ll be able to accomplish your marketing goals only if you share the right type of content with users on LinkedIn. The big question is – what type of content works well on LinkedIn? It’s recommended to publish how-to style articles, thought-leadership articles as well as list posts on LinkedIn. It’s clear that you need to position yourself as an industry expert on LinkedIn. That’s why you should focus on writing business news, blog articles with best practice tips, opinion pieces and other types of content that’s related to your brand.

Final Thoughts

We’ve just provided you with tips for each of four major social media platforms. It’s also important to note that all four social media platforms have many things in common. Now, we’ll provide you with tips that work well for all four social media sites.

  • Primarily, you need to provide interesting and informative content on social media platforms.
  • You also need to pick great images for your posts which are relevant to your brand.
  • Plus, you should add relevant hashtags to each of your social media posts.
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action to social media posts.
  • And remember, your social media posts don’t have to contain any spelling and grammar errors.

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