Top 10 SEO Services That Can Increase Your Online Presence

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

When the inventors of Aliweb, the world’s first recognizable search engine, unveiled their product to the world, little did they know of the effect it would have on digital marketing in the near future.

Today, search engines have advanced to such unprecedented levels that running a search for virtually anything at all will immediately produce millions of results. While this might be good news for the user, for businesses trying to improve their online visibility and attract new customers, it is a nightmare.

Enter search engine optimization (SEO), the dynamic keyword research tool that helps businesses target customers by focusing on ranking factors such as those we will discuss in this article.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

If you want to learn more about Michigan SEO services, and their value to your company, then you have come to the right place. This guide will endeavor to show you the best way to boost the growth potential of your business using the latest innovations in search engine optimization services provided by local SEO agencies.

SEO services vs. Local SEO services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is one of the latest tools that the internet has awarded businesses that wish to drive traffic and increase their foothold on local businesses. Local SEO strategy, on the other hand, works by going a step further and focusing on dominating local search results to reach the right kind of audience.

Search Engine ResultsThe difference between the two is not that much, and in the end, the choice you make boils down to which service best suits your business. In particular, you have to consider where your target audience or potential clients are located in relation to your business.

An online business that provides a service to customers across the globe, for example, would benefit more from a regular SEO considering how widespread their clients are. On the other hand, a travel agency based in a resort town would rather go for local SEO services to better reach potential customers who are interested in visiting that particular town.

For both businesses, the goal should always be to gain the desired Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) presence, to attract new customers, specifically local customers, who can have an immediate impact on your business.

Importance of a Good SEO Strategy For Your Business

Not everyone immediately appreciates the value of hiring a good SEO company to improve their sales potential. This is especially true with small businesses that are based in small towns, where the business has always been handled in a certain way for generations, and so change is not something that comes easy. Such circumstances would require a little persuasion on the part of those wishing to provide SEO marketing services.

Here are some reasons why any business should consider approaching an SEO service provider:

  • SEO increases the quality of website traffic
  • Offers great return on investment and business growth
  • Improves credibility and trust
  • Reaches your entire target audience
  • Optimization of user experience
  • Is a long term marketing strategy
  • Improves online marketing
  • Key to search visibility

Good Seo Strategy For Your Business

Tips for Improving Your Online Presence

Having established the merits of engaging an SEO service provider, you might be wondering what you can do as a business to improve your search engine rankings. The following are some of the basic things you can implement into your business as a platform from which your selected SEO company can catapult your digital marketing to greater heights.

Use The Right SEO company

Use The Right Seo Company

All the best intentions in the world will ultimately count for naught if your project is being run by a mediocre SEO agency. Search engine optimization is not something that can be entrusted to just anyone – that is if you want it done correctly.

The SEO agency you choose to work with not only has to have an excellent track record of providing quality search engine optimization services, but they should also display a good understanding of what your organization is trying to achieve and what kind of customers you hope to attract.

Many digital marketing agencies are well equipped to give you the best results, and after just a quick look around Michigan, you will find the optimal SEO company or internet marketing agency to provide you with affordable local SEO services.

Google Business ProfileUse Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile is the window through which all your potential clients can see you, and to help make this window as attractive as possible you can use “Google My Business,” which is used to create a good Google business profile for your company. Creating your account is very easy with a little bit of basic internet knowledge, anyone can do it.

To get your Google Business Profile started you must provide information such as organization name, phone number, webpage address/link, physical location, operating hours, and business catchment area. The listing will then be categorized by local SEO companies according to your list of products and services.

Add Location Pages and Links

Many of your customers will initiate location-based searches to avoid being bombarded with irrelevant search results that make references to businesses that are too far away to be of use.

Therefore, creating location pages is a good way to increase your local search visibility and local rankings by showing Google search engines that your business listings should be on specific pages frequented by your target market.

Adding links and pages that are dedicated to your location will ensure that any localized search will include your business address as one of the top results.

Add Location Pages And Links

Insert Updated and Consistent Information

One thing that breeds mistrust in the minds of your customers is seeing opposing information about the same business on different web pages. It indicates that the company is poorly managed or in some way fraudulent.

Unverified information will negatively affect your online ranking and reduce local visibility. Ensure that any information about the business being posted online is correct. Never give your valuable clients a reason to doubt you.

Optimize Your Meta Description

The on-page SEO is a great tool to use when pondering how best to structure a good Meta description. Searchers usually browse the Meta description and only when it has caught their eye do they bother going into the details of the business. A lot of similar businesses are listed on local search engines, so your Meta description must be optimized to the right tone and effectiveness needed to attract potential customers.

Make it as interesting as possible without neglecting any information that might appeal to locals. A good Meta will cause your listing to appear among the top organic search results that Google gives after a local search for a particular product or service.

Localize Your Content

Being the first name that appears on a local search page will only benefit you if your content appeals to the local community members and persuades them to make a purchase. Every community is unique, and this can be used as a tool to gain access to the hearts and mindsets of potential customers.

To integrate your business into the local culture of consumers you should try and adopt these characteristics as part of the image of your business profile. Local intent will grow if you can, for example, insert your business among local franchises and literary become one amongst the people.

Localize Your Content

Include Minority Language Options If Possible

Minority communities tend to stick together and if your business is in such a community, then tapping into their buying power could be the key to going to the next level. The density of minorities in certain areas means that if you wish to make a positive local impact should consider perhaps learning a bit of the vernacular and incorporating it on your web pages as alternative options to the native language.

By listing some pages of your business in vernacular, you not only increase the chances of coming up on a local search conducted in that language, but you also endear your business into the hearts of the locals.

Engage on Social Media

Having your product or services advertised correctly on social networks will tend to boost visibility, and leads to beneficial discussions about your organization, which will serve to boost its appeal and increase customer confidence.

Social media can become the most powerful weapon in your arsenal with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter playing a big role in internet marketing services. More and more people are turning to social media platforms as the go-to places to search for anything online.

Adding your location to your business profile means that anyone interested in your product or service, and is in your area, is more likely to see your business on their home pages and therefore likely to come into your store.

Local Citations

A local citation is the mention of your company on a part of local search results for a product. This is a sign that you are still a relevant player in your chosen field, and the more citations you have, the more you will appear on searches about your product or service.

Your business could have been mentioned in a particular webpage, blog post, directory, or social media platform. It no longer has a particular bearing on your local SEO ranking, but being mentioned in a positive light across different platforms does no harm to your business.

Add Genuine Online Reviews From Locals

Nothing builds trust more in consumers than hearing from other consumers who have had a positive interaction with your business. Your online reputation has never been as important as it is today, and can be further solidified if you respond to reviews and show a willingness to interact. Customers love knowing that they are valued enough to have their views listened to.

The more localized these reviews are, the more your business ranking will grow on the results pages. It does not always have to be positive reviews either; even negative reviews should be treated as actionable insights, and if handled correctly can signal to consumers that you are concerned with customer care. Make use of rating software and strive to meet the expectations of local searchers.

Add Genuine Online Reviews From Locals

When Should You Implement SEO for Your Business?

Although the simple answer to that question is “Right now!” a bit more elaboration is needed. Certainly, any modern international or local business needs to have implemented technical SEO strategies as one of its first tasks when constructing a website, but as always timing is everything.

SEO companies that are well equipped with the right tools and SEO team, and are well versed in social media marketing, can implement lead generation and keyword research tactics that will produce organic traffic in no time at all.

You must have a dedicated account manager to take charge of your SEO management services. Their task will be to make sure that the increase in search volume, online success, and better site performance, are matched by a business that can deliver on its promises. An SEO audit should be conducted regularly to ensure that all key performance indicators are being met especially in the area of relevant traffic generation.

Implement Seo For Your Business


Is implementing a successful SEO strategy from the best local SEO services the all-in-one solution needed for a local business to thrive? No, SEO tactics, no matter how well they are executed, will not be the sole foundation of a great business. However, they certainly go a long way to improving your digital marketing strategies, and the right local business SEO will result in a significant boost in sales.

Finding the best local SEO services company for your enterprise is the key to unlocking its true potential. There are a lot of great tools like on-page SEO, Google analytics, keyword rankings, link building, and utilizing meta descriptions, that together, can help your business and cause an influx of qualified leads and more revenue.

If you were debating whether to go down the SEO services route, then waste no more time. Reach out to your local SEO services provider today and have a custom strategy designed specifically for you.