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We Help Businesses Get An ROI From Their Websites And Online Marketing Efforts Through Website Development, Improved Search Engine Rankings, Social Media & Paid Advertising

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We use the best technologies available on the market to ensure that our customers obtain positive results.
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Website Design & Development

We create a high-quality web design that increases your leads, sales, and ROI. We've successfully completed projects for a wide variety of industries, from small business sites websites and personal blogs to e-Commerce, e-Learning, and finance websites.

Graphic Design And Branding

People are all about the first impression, so things like a well-designed logo or company branding are important. If you don’t interest them right as they see your advertisement, you could be the best, most effective, and profitable brand in your business, and you still won’t get any attention.

Search Engine Optimization

Every business needs Search Engine Optimization and every site will need its own unique blend of services. We take each website on a case-by-case basis and build out a custom search engine optimization plan tailored just for their needs.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing agency helps you boost your brand awareness, improve search engine rankings, get more inbound traffic, improve brand loyalty, get higher conversion rates, and much more.

Simplifying Marketing

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Finepoint is Here To Help With Your Marketing Needs

Our team of experienced web developers, knowledgeable SEO geeks, and talented graphic designers and marketers have the expertise that can take your business to the next level.

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Unlike other design and marketing companies, Finepoint Design works with businesses to enhance their online presence across all digital platforms with well-crafted strategies. We offer affordable web design services as well as digital marketing, SEO, and paid advertising services. Increase your brand awareness and stand out from the competition with help from a leading website design company in Michigan. Have a project in mind? Let’s talk!